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  • OMS SmartStream Signature System - 45lb Double Wing - SS

OMS SmartStream Signature System - 45lb Double Wing - SS


  • Model: OMS11518126
  • Brand: OMS
  • EAN: 4251088260473

Product Description

This OMS SmartStream Signature System with Stainless Steel Backplate and 45 lb Lift Wing offers you a double tank harness system for diving in total control and comfort. This package includes:

  • OMS SmartStream Harness is a one size fits all system.
  • Performance Double 45lb Lift Wing - Red
  • OMS Stainless Steel Backplate
  • OMS Nylon Crotch Strap 5.1 cm (2 in)

Excellent Double Cylinder Package for any Diving Environment.

OMS SmartStream Harness

The OMS SmartStream harness was developed to alleviate sizing adjustment challenges that other webbing harnesses have. The SmartStream design allows the diver to adjust the harness size by simply pulling the nylon waist straps forward which in turn tightens the shoulder straps secure to the diver’s shoulders and back. This allows for quick and easy adjustments once the harness is on.

Traditional nylon webbing harnesses ONLY allow for adjustment during initial assembly, making adjustments at the site nearly impossible. OMS has provided a solution for this long standing issue with their SmartStream adjustable harness design. This adjustable OMS system is compatible with all OMS weight pockets.

This SmartStream harness includes all stainless steel D-rings, stainless steel belt slides and belt buckle for a very rugged system. This system includes a 5.1 cm (2 in) sewn crotch strap with a 5.1 cm (2 in) scooter D-ring.

  • Webbing harness allows for quick and easy size adjustments
  • Includes all stainless steel hardware, D-rings belt slides and buckle
  • Compatible with all OMS wings, weight pockets and harness accessories
  • Includes webbing crotch strap with stainless steel scooter ring

OMS Stainless Steel Backplate

The OMS Stainless Steel backplate truly shines thanks to the superior de-burring process which eliminates backplate sharp edges, and prevents abrasion and cuts to webbing and BCs. The Stainless steel plate has a hard coat anodised surface to prevent oxidation and now incorporates additional slots to mount cam bands for single cylinder configuration. Plate has 22 holes for flexibility in accessory mounting.

  • Heavy duty to work with single or double tanks
  • 22 perimeter holes for accessory mounting
  • 304 stainless steel plate weighs 2.1 kg {4.8 lb)

OMS Performance Double Wing 45lb Red

The OMS 45lb lift, red Performance Double Wing is a donut-style wing allowing quick and easy movement of air from one side of the air cell to the other and is designed specifically for use with double tanks. Donut configuration allows air to travel from one side of the air cell to the other easily, this reduces the possibility of air trapping on one side of the wing.

  • Donut style configuration
  • Inflator hose top Center
  • Power inflator hose included
  • Interior zipper backing
  • Dump valve lower left
  • 1000 denier nylon outer bag
  • Interior urethane backing protects against abrasions and punctures
  • Inner bladder polyurethane material, ultrasonically welded fittings and seams
  • Low Pressure (LP) inflation hose included

(10/18 LRB)

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