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Dive Perfect Comfo Bite Regulator Mouthpiece

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  • Model: DP-W144
  • Brand: Dive Perfect

Product Description

The Dive Perfect Comfo Bite Regulator Mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue thanks to the mouth bridge that runs between the bite tabs of the mouthpiece. The mouth bridge rests comfortably behind the upper front teeth which allows the regulator to 'hang' in your mouth without the need to bite down on the mouthpiece tabs.

The Dive Perfect Comfo Bite bridge also shields the roof of your mouth from the filtered compressed air as it passes out of the mouthpiece to avoid drying out your mouth. Diving compressed air is, at a minimum, double filtered to remove contaminants and moisture. Whilst this is essential for the diver's health it does lead to the mouth drying out very quickly which is particularly noticeable on the roof of the mouth. The bridge helps to keep the roof moist and reduce the discomfort.

This mouthpiece fits all Dive Perfect second stage regulators. This mouthpiece has a larger than standard hole for regulators with a larger mouthpiece orifice. This means it also fits Apeks and Poseidon 2nd stage regulators. Great for CCR use as well, as long as it fits your DSV.

The entire Dive Perfect Comfort Mouthpiece is made from very soft black silicone, with all edges smoothed and rounded for a comfortable fit, even on prolonged or extended dives.

Zip tie included to fix mouthpiece in place.

Dive Perfect Comfo Bite Regulator Mouthpiece Features

  • Reduces Jaw Fatigue
  • Orthodontic Design
  • No Need to Bite Down to Secure Regulator in Mouth
  • Most Comfortable Mouthpiece Available
  • Fits Dive Perfect, Apeks, Poseidon and other larger second-stage regulator brands and models
  • Zip tie included
  • Material: Silicone
  • Colour: Black

Fits 2nd stage regulator with an outer orifice size of 36 mm x 19.5 mm (1.42 in x 0.77 in).

Large size orifice regulator mouthpiece
- size 1-5/16 inch x 11/16 inch (33.3 mm x 17.5 mm)
Fits: Apeks; Dive Perfect; Hollis 500SE; and Zeagle 2nd stage regulators. Plus many rebreathers, including Golem Shrimp BOV; Hollis Prism+Explorer; ISC Megladon; Kiss Gem; Poseidon (snug fit); and Titan.

(10/19 LRB)