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Hyperion Step-Down Ring M67 to M52 - 67mm-52mm

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  • Model: INT-HY-SDR-M67-M52
  • Brand: Hyperion

Product Description

The Hyperion 67-52mm Step Down Ring is perfect for adapting smaller 52 mm accessories and filters to housings and lenses with larger 67 mm threading. They allow you to share UV, Polarising and other filters between lenses with different front thread sizes.

Metal Construction
Constructed from high quality aluminium, the metal screw threads perfectly fit lenses with a larger 67mm size threading, and attaching filters or other rings with a smaller 52mm diameter.

Maintain Image Quality
The thin frame has a black finish to minimise the chance of internal light reflections.

Easy Filter Swapping Between Different Lenses
The 67 mm to 52 mm filter adaptor is durable and reliable, making it perfect for everyday use or leaving attached to your lenses or filters for quick and easy filter swapping while on the go.

Hyperion Step-Down Ring M52 to M67 Features

  • Adapt smaller 52 mm Accessories to larger 67 mm Threading Housings, Lenses etc.
  • Durable Aluminium Construction
  • Black Finish

(11/19 LRB)