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  • Hyperion Slim Base Tray and 25cm Flex Arm Kit

Hyperion Slim Base Tray and 25cm Flex Arm Kit

$49.00  $47.00
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  • Model: INT-HY-SN-MFA25-KIT
  • Brand: Hyperion

Product Description

Simple and universal, the Hyperion Slim Base Tray and 25cm Flex Arm Kit consists of a 18.3 cm (7.2-inch) base stay with standard tripod screw and a 25 cm length of 1/2-inch flex arm with a YS Mount end for mounting strobes or video lights to an underwater camera housing. Great for use with action cameras like the GoPro (with a mount adaptor), plus compact cameras.

Adding artificial light to underwater photography is the key to better images. Having the best platform to help provide that lighting is as important as the artificial light itself. The ability to use an external strobe/video light can drastically improve the quality of your underwater photographs. Being able to aim that strobe/light exactly where you want it to illuminate your subject takes the use of a strobe/light arm.

The tripod screw is adjustable and will fit virtually all housings using a tripod screw mount system. The versatile 1/2-inch flex arm allows full range flexibility for variable lighting angles.The base stay is made from corrosion resistant aluminium for durability. The Flex Arm is made of corrosion proof plastic, with stainless steel mounting screws.

Hyperion Slim Base Tray and 25cm Flex Arm Kit Features

  • Adding Artificial Light to Underwater Photography is Key Better Images
  • Having the Best Platform to Provide Lighting is as Important as Artificial Light Itself
  • External Strobe/Video Light Drastically Improve Quality of Underwater Photo/Video
  • Arm Provides Proper Aiming of Light
  • Stable Platform for External Light
  • Brighter Better Lit Photography
  • Flex Arm Length: 25 cm
  • Base Stay Length: 18.3 cm (7.2 in)
  • Adjustable Tripod Screw: Fits Most Underwater Housings with Tripod Screw Mount System
  • Flex Arm: Allows Full Range Flexibility for Variable Lighting Angles
  • 8-Flex Points for Ultimate Angling of Light!
  • Construction:
    Stay: Corrosion Resistant Aluminum
    Flex Arm: Corrosion Proof Plastic
    Tripod Mounting Screw: Plastic and Stainless Steel

You can turn this unit into a dual flex arm setup by adding a Hyperion Slim Tray Extension (INT-HY-SN-SSE) and a second Hyperion 1/2-inch Mini Flex Arm 25cm (INT-HY-SN-MFA-25).

To use this camera tray with a GoPro, or similarly mounted action camera, you'll need a Hyperion GoPro To Tripod Mount Adaptor (INT-HY-AC03).

(12/19 LRB)

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