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i-Das 5-inch Aluminium Ball Arm (Ball Mount to Ball Mount)

$35.00  $33.00
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  • Model: INT-ID-IDASA5
  • Brand: i-Dive (i-Torch, i-Das, i-Pix)

Product Description

The i-Das 5-inch long Double Ball Arm segment supports your strobe or video light to allow you to get great lighting angles to optimize your images.

The 1-inch ball arm system features 1-inch ball components with a groove and O-ring to prevent slippage for improved holding power with less force. While underwater, clamps may be finger-tightened to keep lighting in place yet allow repositioning without loosening the clamp.

i-Das 5-inch Aluminium Double Ball Arm Features

  • 5 inches long
  • Ball Mount to Ball Mount
  • Standard 1-inch balls
  • Made from lightweight aluminium, perfect for travelling.
  • Complete Type 3 anodising finish, for that extra durability

(01/20 LRB)