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  • Wolf Snoot Mounting Package

Wolf Snoot Mounting Package

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  • Brand: The Scuba Doctor

Product Description

The Wolf* Snoot Mounting Package of underwater ball arms and clamps eliminates most of the technical difficuties associated with using a snoot lighting setup for underwater macro and super macro photography. It enables you to properly mount your stobe light and snoot to your camera tray/housing whilst also being able to easily shift the light position in a controlled and smooth manner.

* Mounting method by Ze'ev (Wolf in English) Kirshenboim

The Wolf Snoot Mounting Package includes:

The Wolf method uses a rigid triangle structure comprised of two long (8-inch to 12-inch) ball arms that are attached to your housing tray using a pair of two (2) hole ball clamps with D-shackle. The D-shackles make it easy to add a camera lanyard. We've chosen to use two 9-inch long arms to which you can choose to easily add floats later, if needed.

Then a three (3) hole ball clamp brings those two long ball arms together, with a short 5-inch ball arm filling the third hole. At the end of the 5-inch ball arm is the first of the plain two hole clamps. Extending from here is another 5-inch ball arm, plus the seconf of the plain two hole clamps. Finally your stobe and snoot are attached to this two hole clamp.

Please see the article Macro and Super Macro Underwater Photography Made Easy With a Snoot by Wolf Kirshenboim, for how to assemble this package into a wonderful snoot lighting setup.

Using the Wolf mounting setup commits you to using a single strobe and snoot for the dive. Our most popular choices for the strobe and snoot are:

(01/20 LRB)

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