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Mares Drysuit Hanger

$40.00  $37.00
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  • Model: 415713
  • Brand: Mares

Product Description

The Mares Dry Suit Hanger allows you to properly hang your drysuit. Relives stress, allows proper drying on a corrosion-free tough and durable plastic hanger. The drysuit hanger use tough X-beam design.

Your drysuit is one of the most expensive pieces of diving equipment you will ever purchase. Giving it the best treatment when it comes to preventative maintenance is going to make the difference between years of service free use, and expenditures that are not necessary. Hanging your suit through the neck seal will cause stress to the seal and shoulders area that is damaging to the material. Water can pool in the legs and boots causing even more damage. Hanging your dry suit upside down is the best way to hang it. It allows proper drainage and uses the boots which are reinforced to take the stress rather than the neck and shoulders.

Mares Drysuit Hanger Features

  • Built Specifically to Hang Expensive Dry Suits
  • Hangs Suit Upside Down by the Boots for Less Stress
  • Prevents Damage to Dry Suit
  • Designed for Quick Drainage and Drying
  • Better Ventilation Because The Dry Suit Is Upside Down
  • Sturdy And Simple To Use

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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