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Backscatter No Burp O-ring For TG Housings and M52 Wide Lens

$28.00  $25.00
Save: $3.00 (11%)

  • Model: bs-m52-o-rings
  • Brand: Backscatter

Product Description

This O-ring kit allows you to eliminate burping M52 lenses underwater on your Olympus TG series camera housing. Intended to be used with the Backscatter/AOI M52 Wide Angle Lens. It allows you to pre-seal water from a rinse bucket and eliminates the need to unthread your M52 lens underwater to 'burp' the lens.

This O-ring also allows you to shoot split shots (over/under) with a wet lens on your Olympus TG housing. You only need one O-ring installed, but the Backscatter kit includes five for backup supply.

Not Compatible with the Backscatter/AOI Air Lens.

(08/20 LRB)

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