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  • Barfell Divers Air Breather Hookah Hose - 8mm 100M

Barfell Divers Air Breather Hookah Hose - 8mm 100M

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  • Model: IP-201600-100
  • Brand: Barfell
  • EAN: 9338488001693

Product Description

The 100-metre roll of 8 mm Barfell Divers Air Breather Hose is ideal for use in a recreational Hookah diving system, as well as an air-breathing hose for breathing apparatus in spray booths or sandblasting applications. It's Australian made and Pin pricked for your safety. This allows gases that permeate through the inner tube to be released through the cover of the house without ballooning or delaminating the hose causing blockages.

Barfell quality and reliability are renowned throughout the diving industry. Barfell is the preferred hose when a floating, chemical and kink resistant, PVC air hose is required. The hoses are built with a generous 4:1 safety factor and reinforced to withstand constant stretch and pressure, with ultraviolet stabilisers to resist attack from the sun. The hoses have an excellent buoyancy factor and they resist kinking and twist. Easy reel-in performance is another notable feature.

Inner tubes are manufactured from AFDA approved food contact material and reinforcement is high tenacity Terylene, both braided and longitudinal to prevent stretch. The outer cover is a smooth, high visibility yellow abrasion-resistant polymer.

Barfell Air Divers Breathing Hookah Hose 8mm 100m Features

  • Hookah hose of choice for Commercial divers
  • Excellent flexibility to reduce diver fatigue
  • Semi-buoyant and so gives a low working resistance
  • Non-Toxic, extremely low odour inner tube is AFDA approved
  • UV stabilised to resists premature cracking and failure
  • Made in Australia

Barfell Air Divers Breathing Hookah Hose 8mm 100m Specifications

  • 100 metre length roll
  • Internal Diameter: 8.0 mm
  • External Diameter: 14.3 mm
  • Inner wall colour: White
  • Outer wall colour: Yellow
  • Outer cover Pin Pricked for added safety
  • Working pressure @ 20°C of 1.6 Mpa (335 psi)
  • Burst pressure @ 20°C of 6.4 Mpa (940 psi)
  • Weight: 0.14 kg per metre
  • Construction:
    Inner Tube is a non-toxic AFDA approved material (PVC based)
    Outer Cover consists of a weathering grade PVC material with an abrasion resistant polymer
  • Meets Australian Standards AS2299 and AS/NZ1716

Note: General purpose air hoses that are not certified for breathing air use. They can potentially damage your lungs and are in breach of Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

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