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Cressi Handspear Top Pole with Prongs - 0.8m Fibreglass

$40.00  $38.00
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  • Model: SL-TPBP2
  • Brand: Cressi

Product Description

The Cressi Top Pole is the first piece of the Cressi Hawaiian Slip two-piece Hand Spear, made from solid 13 mm fibreglass. It's 81.5 cm in length and features a 5/16-inch threaded female end in 306 stainless steel, plus a 4-Prong 6-inch cluster.

Cressi Handspear Top Pole with Prongs Features

  • Solid 13 mm Fibreglass Pole 81.5 cm Long
  • 5/16-inch Stainless Steel Threaded Female End
  • 4-Prong 6-inch Cluster

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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