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  • Cressi Weight Vest

Cressi Weight Vest

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  • Model: LE500000
  • Brand: Cressi

Product Description

The Cressi Weight Vest Harness is built from high-density Neoprene for the minimisation of buoyancy in a traditional ballast style. This jacket style weight belt is worn like a backpack and helps to improve trim and stability in the water whilst diving.

Stock Status: Currently unavailable with no ETA as of September 2021.

Great for Freediving and Spearfishing.

Heavy weight belts can be a real hassle when freediving and spearfishing — having to adjust them at depth, when you return to the surface, or just when you're ready to shoot and you feel it slipping down to your thighs — yes a real hassle. Eliminate the problem with the Cressi Weight Vest harness.

Move some of your weight up onto your back using this weight vest for improved trim and an easier to manage weight belt. As any freediver or spearo knows, it's the initial duck dive from the surface that is crucial to success. Moving some weight up onto your back makes it much easier to get a better transition from the surface to depth.

The Cressi Weight Vest has 6 pockets for even distribution of lead weights to suit your needs. It's also fitted with 2 quick-release buckles at the shoulders and a quick-release on the belt if you wish to remove the vest quickly as a safety feature. Holding 6 kg comfortably the Cressi Weight Vest has all the features to ensure comfort and safety in the water.

Cressi Weight Vest Harness Features

  • Six weight pockets

  • Each pocket can hold standard 1 kg weight, for up to 6 kg in total
  • Adjustable Straps and Quick Release Clips
  • One size fits all

Colour: Black

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

(08/21 GJR)

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