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Apollo Bio Filter Moisturising Pad (3 Pack)

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  • Model: SP90544
  • Brand: Apollo Scuba

Product Description

The Apollo Bio Filter Moisturising Pad is the replacement Moisture Wick/Pad for the Apollo Bio Filter and is constructed of high-density foam. This is a three-pack of pads.

The dry wick is dampened by user prior to installation. Once installed the wick surrounds a flow tube that is the same diameter as the interior of your hose. The tube has small openings on the sides to create a vacuum when air passes through. Each breath draws a little moisture from the wick and adds it to the air stream to increase humidity.

The quickest method to dampen for first use of the day is to drop the Moisture Wick/Pad into a cup of distilled or plain bottled water. Once wet, it will slide onto the flow tube and be quickly replenished after each dive without removal from system.

The Moisture Wick/Pad and tube sit inside a housing that is hand-tight. You add moisture to the wick after use to ensure optimal humidity level during each dive. at the end of a day's diving simply slide the wick off and allow it to air dry completely before storage in travel case.

(01/21 LRB)

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