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  • Analox CO2 Buddy Portable Gas Detector

Analox CO2 Buddy Portable Gas Detector

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  • Model: ANA-4000-0244-0001
  • Brand: Analox

Product Description

The Analox CO2Buddy Gas Detector is a portable, personal safety monitor for detecting harmful levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). The Analox CO2 Buddy provides your workers with reliable protection when working in a confined space where there is the potential for CO2 leaks.

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Vaccine Transportation Using Dry Ice

Do you work in the medical or logistics sector and are involved with the use and transportation of vaccines that require constant freezing temperatures using dry ice? With an increase in the use of dry ice, comes a potential increased risk of exposure to CO2 leaks that could be fatal if not detected early enough.

The Analox CO2BUDDY portable CO2 monitor can simply be attached to your clothing and will alert you to dangerous levels of CO2 giving you the chance to act before it's too late.

This lightweight monitor will stay on your person while you are transporting, delivering or installing CO2, giving you peace of mind that you are safe from dangerous levels of gas exposure.

The CO2BUDDY — Your Super Lightweight Personal Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Alarm.

Personal Protection

The Analox CO2BUDDY is suitable for a wide variety of applications where CO2 is used including pub and bar cellars, restaurants, stadiums, shopping malls, walk-in coolers, fast food outlets, agricultural grow houses, hospitals, medical laboratories, food packaging plants or those involved in cryogenic process monitoring. CO2BUDDY ensures personal protection for delivery drivers, servicing engineers and maintenance personnel who work in multiple locations where CO2 is used but is not guaranteed to be monitored by a fixed system.

The Analox CO2Buddy is specifically designed for employees who work in enclosed areas, or those who visit different sites, where carbon dioxide (CO2) buildup can cause serious harm to health. The extremely lightweight personal safety alarm clips to a shirt pocket, lanyard, or belt without drag. Designed to alert the user and people in the area to dangerous carbon dioxide leaks, the CO2BUDDY features high visibility LED's, a loud alarm and powerful vibration motor.

Pre-Configured Alams

The Analox CO2BUDDY has multiple pre-configured alarm set-points to comply with the most common safety regulations and jurisdictional requirements, which can be different by country, region, state and municipality. The CO2BUDDY's pre-configured alarm set points meet safety standards across the globe including Europe's EH40 legislation, OSHA and NIOSH TWA requirements in the United States.

Very simple to operate, the user can select pre-configured alarm set points which all feature a TWA (Time Weighted Average) alarm, continuously monitoring the environment over an 8-hour period.

The low and high alarm levels can easily be altered from the factory defaults by selecting from a choice of alarm configurations during the commissioning of a unit.

Alarm configurations supported include 1.5% and 3%, 0.5% and 1.5%, 1.5% and 4%, 1% and 2%.

Easily Charged

The Analox CO2BUDDY can be easily charged by a supplied micro USB cable, with a battery life of a minimum of 48 hours on a single charge. The CO2BUDDY is a robust, but lightweight safety alarm from Analox, one of the world's leading gas monitor companies with facilities in the UK and US.

From initial power-up, you must allow a two-hour charge and perform a quick fresh air calibration. Your CO2BUDDY is then ready to protect you!

An increase as small as 0.5% of CO2 can be harmful to human health.

Analox CO2Buddy Gas Detector Features

  • Extremely lightweight: max weight 70g
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Minimum of 48 hours operation on one charge
  • User friendly: Single button operation
  • Most common alarm set points pre-configured
  • Fresh air calibration
  • Alarm indicators: Audible, visible, and vibration
  • IP54
  • Maximum relative humidity - 95% RH (Non-condensing)
  • Temperature - 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)

Analox CO2Buddy Gas Detector Specifications

  • Display: LCD
  • Power: Internal battery providing a minimum of
  • 12 hours of operation on a single charge with low
  • battery warning
  • Max Dimensions: 74.4mm x 62.6mm x 33.3mm
  • (hxwxd)
  • Charging: Via Micro USB cables
  • IP Rating: 54
  • Mounting: pocket, belt or lanyard
  • Approvals: CE, FCC
  • Alarm indicators: Audible, Red Strobe, Vibration


Interesting Facts About Carbon Dioxide

We know that the humble carbon dioxide monitor is not the most exciting or sexiest thing in the world, but Analox takes pride in their gas monitoring solutions and are happiest when people are kept safe from potentially fatal gas leaks. With this in mind, here is a list of fun facts about carbon dioxide which we hope will intrigue you!

You're a Carbon Dioxide Generator
The cells of the body use oxygen (O2) to perform functions that keep us alive. The waste product created by the cells once they have performed these functions is carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon Dioxide Exists Naturally In The Atmosphere
Carbon dioxide is present in the air we breathe every day, although concentrations are so minuscule (around 0.03% of air by volume). Under pressure, CO2 becomes a liquid. If the liquid is allowed to expand it cools and partially freezes to form dry ice. Carbon Dioxide monitoring is not needed everywhere however, it is imperative to measure levels of carbon dioxide in an industrial environment, especially in confined spaces as levels can quickly increase, without the correct ventilation.

Carbon Dioxide Levels Rise In Crowded Rooms
We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, which means that carbon dioxide levels in a room can rise over the course of the day. Although the rise in carbon dioxide will not put you in danger, it could make you feel more tired and lethargic. The best thing to do is to keep the room ventilated with plenty of fresh air.

Carbon Dioxide Has No Taste, Colour Or Smell
Carbon dioxide cannot be seen, tasted and has no odour, which makes it hard to know when levels of it increase. This is why monitoring it is so important.

Carbon Dioxide Can Be Used To Increase Growth Of Flowers, Fruit And Vegetables
Plants use sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to generate food in a process called photosynthesis. Greenhouse owners often increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in order to promote growth, although this is a balancing act as if carbon dioxide levels are too high, it can damage the crops.

Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide Are Two Very Different Things
Some people get carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide confused. if you do a search for 'carbon dioxide monitor' a lot of the top results are for carbon monoxide, which is worrying. Although both of these gases have no taste or smell, carbon dioxide occurs naturally in the atmosphere, whilst carbon monoxide does not. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air and gathers nearer the ground, whilst carbon monoxide is lighter than air and gathers higher up.

Dry Ice Is Made Of Carbon Dioxide
Dry ice, which is used in refrigeration, special effects and cleaning, is made of solid carbon dioxide. This means it must be treated in the same way as carbon dioxide gas and not used in confined spaces.

Carbon Dioxide Is Used To Dispense Beer
If you go to a pub or a bar, chances are that they do have a carbon dioxide monitor in the back of the facility or in their cellar (or they should have). This is because carbon dioxide (or 'dispense gas' as it is commonly known in the beverage industry) is used to add the bubbles to beer as well as push it from the keg to your glass.

Carbon Dioxide Can Be Used To Keep Home Furnishings Clean
Did you know an American University has conducted research where carbon dioxide vapour is used to freeze home furnishings? This process removes allergy-causing substances and kills dust mites, reducing asthma symptoms.

Carbon Dioxide Can Be Used To Put Out Fires
Carbon dioxide is used in some fire extinguishers. It works by removing the oxygen that the fire needs to burn, plus it is cheap and widely available. However, it can be dangerous if used in an enclosed space as not only can it take oxygen away from the fire, it can take oxygen away from the atmosphere and you too.

About Analox

UK based Analox is an award-winning, world leader in the research, development and manufacturing of gas sensing products. Their systems are used in diverse markets and applications such as space exploration, beverage, deep-sea diving, biomass and for keeping submariners across the globe safe.

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