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Aqualung Black Transmitter - O2 Clean

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  • Model: AL-NS119114
  • Brand: Aqualung

Product Description

The O2 Clean Aqualung Black Transmitter is used in conjunction with a compatible dive computer, allowing you to monitor current pressure and gas time remaining without a stiff high-pressure hose while providing a more streamlined profile. This O2 clean version has been prepared to be suitable with Nitrox gas mixes.

Hose-less Gas Pressure Transmission for the i450T, i750T and i770R dive computers. Once set, the air transmitter is permanently paired and will not accidentally pair with other computers. The battery is user changeable and commercially available. Nitrox compatible up to 40%.

Aqualung Black Transmitter O2 Clean Features

  • Works with Aqualung i450T, i750T and i770R Dive Computers
  • O@ Clean to Work with Nitrox Gas Mixes
  • Monitor Current Pressure and Gas Time Remaining
  • Eliminates Pressure Gauge Hose for More Streamline Profile
  • Once Set, Transmitter is Permanently Paired
  • Will Not Accidentally Pair with Other Computers
  • Battery: User Changeable and Commercially Available
  • Nitrox Compatible Up to 40%

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