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  • OMS H-Valve Adapter Right (V804)

OMS H-Valve Adapter Right (V804)

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  • Model: OMS-V804
  • Brand: OMS

Product Description

The OMS H-Valve Adapter Right (V804) is used to convert OMS, Dive Rite or compatible brand Modular Valves into an H-Valve system.

A H-valve is a special valve connected to a cylinder to allow two independent first-stage regulators to be connected, mimicking the redundancy of a double-cylinder configuration. It's a setup often used by recreational and solo divers to provide additional redundancy.

The H adapter evolved from the Y valve. Originally produced by Sherwood in the 80s, the dual outlet Y valve for yoke regulators allowed divers to do limited overhead penetration while still having two independent regulator systems for redundancy. The H adapter is the latest generation of dual-outlet single tank diving. The H adapter screws into the crossbar outlet of the K valve so a second regulator can be attached for technical diving. The H adapter is available in 200 bar only and equipped with ribbed rubber knobs that are rugged, yet easy to manipulate.

The OMS H-Valve Right is an Oxygen serviced valve suitable for use with up to 40% Oxygen. It can be O2 cleaned for use with 100% Oxygen.

OMS H-Valve Adapter Right Specifications

  • Valve Thread: USA 3/4-inch 14NPSM
  • First Stage Connection: DIN & Yoke
  • Burst Disk Service Pressure: 240 bar (3,500 psi)
  • Burst Disk Rupture Pressure: 400 bar (5,800 psi)
  • Oxygen Compatible materials: Yes
  • Max Valve Pressure Rating (DIN): 310 bar (4,500 psi)

(09/21 LRB)