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Reef Line Velcro Knife Straps (Pair)

$20.00  $18.00
Save: $2.00 (10%)

  • Model: SL-VELSTRAP
  • Brand: Reef Line

Product Description

The Reef Line Velcro Knife Straps can be used for safely securing a dive knife to your arm or leg. Made from double-sided hook and loop the Velcro knife strap will not only bind together when wrapped around the arm or leg but will grab to the nylon outer of your wetsuit which prevents the knife and sheath from moving around or the straps from becoming loose.

With no buckles there is a reduced snag risk against lines etc. The Reef Line Velcro Knife Straps can also be easily fitted with single-handed operation, without the hassle of a buckle and pin fastener assembly. Also, there are no metal parts that can rust or break.

Reef Line Velcro Knife Strap Features

  • Velcro Hook and Loop Fastener Closures
  • Grabs The Outside Of The Suit Reducing Movement
  • Easy One Hand Operation
  • No Hassle of Buckle and Pin Fastener Assembly
  • Reduced Snag Risk
  • Unlike Rubber or Plastic Straps, Easily-Fastened
  • Corrosion-Proof Construction
  • No-Metal Parts that Rust-or-Break

(10/21 LRB)