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  • Apeks Line Cookies - 5 Pack

Apeks Line Cookies - 5 Pack

$20.00  $18.00
Save: $2.00 (10%)

  • Model: APEKS-TH117129 | TH117131
  • Brand: Apeks
  • EAN: 5055538802218

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Product Description

Apeks Non-Directional Cookie Line Markers come in packs of five and your choice of White or Orange colours. Non-directional line cookies help you identify your markers and route, by marking a lone junction on the route.

Cave and Wreck Penetration Divers from all around the world use line arrows, cookies and non-directional markers to mark the direction of the closest exit, junctions and specific locations. Line markers are used by cave and wreck divers. Line marker attaches to the safety line placed through the cave tunnels or passage ways of a wreck keeping the divers safe even if they disturb the sediments and visibility is lost.

Apeks non-directional line cookies are used to denote a junction for orientation as a visual and tactile reference on a guideline. Markers are available in 2 colours of white and orange with adhesive reflective dots to improve low light visability and identification.

Built to last manufactured from injection molded ABS for durability and are a unique design with corners removed for ease of use. Markers have reflective panel for good visibility. The cookies Are supplied in packs of 5 to quickly and easily stock up your navigation kit and make sure all of your markers are uniform.

Essential For Jumps as a cookie will confirm exit direction for returning divers and avoid confusion with traverses or circuits.

Notched Edges lock your line to hold the arrow in place and prevent the line from slipping to ease tying. Large notches make it easy to guide the line even with thicker gloves.

Reflective Dots are included but purposefully not attached so you can affix them where you like to customise and easily recognise your markers from others.

Five Pack to quickly and easily stock up your navigation kit and make sure all of your markers are uniform.

Apeks Line Cookie Features

  • Non-Directional Line Cookies to Indicate Line Junctions
  • Increase Safety In Cave and Wreck Diving
  • Attach Easily to Line
  • Helps Divers to Navigate Proper Direction
  • Keeps Divers Safe Even if They Disturb Sediments and Visibility is Lost
  • Line Markers Used for Orientation: Visual and Tactile Reference On-Guidelines
  • Available in Two Colours of White and Orange
  • Injection Molded ABS for Durability
  • Unique Design with Corners Removed for Ease of Use
  • Reflective Panel for Good Visibility
  • Supplied in Packs of 5

Colours: Orange (TH117129), White (TH117131)

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

(11/21 LRB)

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