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  • Fourth Element Neoprene Hooded Vest - Mens

Fourth Element Neoprene Hooded Vest - Mens

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  • Model: HVM01
  • Brand: Fourth Element
  • EAN: 0661708277592

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Product Description

The Fourth Element Men's Neoprene Hooded Vest features a simple minimalist design to ensure that this vest will fit under an existing wetsuit, offering enhanced protection to the body core. The 3mm neoprene fabric features a smooth outer and thermal inner lining. The hood's Smoothskin seal ensures that water ingress is minimised, whilst micro holes in the hood help to vent air with minimal water ingress.

Layer this under a wetsuit for head to ankle thermal protection. The sleeveless design won't add any bulk to your arms or shoulders so your arms are free to move.

The Fourth Element Men's Hooded Vest is a great way to add extra warmth and keep you warm in the water. The body of the vest is 3mm thick to add an extra layer underneath your wetsuit and boost the insulation over your core. The hood is built into the vest to slow water ingress and is 5mm thick to keep your head warm.

Integrated Hood virtually eliminates water ingress through the neck so it takes water a lot longer to reach your skin under your wetsuit. Separate hoods can move and expose a part of your neck to the cold water, but this built in hood ensures that you're covered at all times.

Fourth Element Men's Neoprene Hooded Vest Features

  • Minimalist Design To Fit Under Any Wetsuit
  • Considered Thickness For Comfort And Warmth
  • Designed For Simple Donning And Doffing
  • Smooth Outer Lining
  • Thermal Inner Lining
  • Smoothskin Internal Face Seal
  • 3mm Body | 5mm Hood
  • Dope Dyed Black 90% Neoprene / 10% Nylon

Fourth Element Mens Hooded Vest Size Chart

Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Please use the table below as a guide to help select which size hooded vest best suits your body type.

Sizes Height Chest Waist
cm cm cm
XS 165-172.5 76-86 58-68
S 170-178 86-96 68-78
M 175.5-183 96-106 78-88
L 180.5-188 106-116 88-98
XL 185.5-193 116-126 98-108
XXL 190.5-198 126-136 108-118
XXXL 195.5-203 136-146 118-128

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