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  • IST Proline Freediving Static Rope - 10mm 50M

IST Proline Freediving Static Rope - 10mm 50M

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  • Model: IST-FD-R/50M - Discontinued
  • Brand: IST Proline

Product Description

Finding a good freediving rope is not easy. The 10 mm thick, 50 metre long IST Proline Freediving Static Rope is a made for purpose solution. The core and sheath is finely braided with the toughest material (PES), and holds up to 2,200 kilograms.

The super static 10mm thick high-quality IST freediving line is incredible. It doesn't stretch, has a nice grip, and the bright orange colour is highly visible, stays cleaner than white, and looks fantastic in photos.

The rope quality has a direct impact on your safety in freediving. The diving depth limit is set by the length of the rope. If a freediver has no force to swim up, or there is a problem with their fins, they will pull on the rope to aid in reaching the surface.

Unstretchable — An elastic rope would be no good yielding additional effort while pulling yourself on the rope.

Handy to Pull On — The rope is flexible and comfortable to grasp with bare hands, when pulling up or when tying knots and loops on it.

Contrasted Orange Colour, Easy to be Seen in the Water — Easily seeing the rope contributes to calm and relaxed dives. This is especially important when diving without a mask. Coloured treads help to evaluate one's speed when swimming along the rope.

IST Proline 10mm 50 Metre Static Freediving Rope Features

  • The core and sheath is finely braided with the toughest material (PES)
  • Low elongation values (less then 2%) provides accuracy while operating
  • UV resistance with melting point in 260°C; also resistant to saltwater
  • Negetive buoyancy of rope makes it easier while assembling the bottom weights
  • 10 mm in rope diameter
  • 50 metres (164 ft) in total length
  • Static elongation of the rope less than 2%
  • Neon Orange Colour designed for better visibility underwater
  • The rope holds up to 2,200 kg (4,850 lb)
  • Produced to the strictest standard — CE1891

Questions and Answers

Q: Why bother with a special rope since I can get one from a hardware store?
A: Yes, there are thick ropes in hardware stores. Unfortunately, those ropes are stretchable, at least when the length is long enough. And most are not suitable to go into seawater. The rope would stretch or shrink, depending on many factors, including aging and variations of the bottom weight. The weight usually varies depending on sea conditions and the style of freediving. The rope might be or become too rigid, uncomfortable to grasp.

Q: Which diameter is better: 10 mm or 11 mm or 12 mm?
A: There's always a trade-off. A 12 mm rope is more comfortable to grasp for pulling up. But it is heavier and takes more space for transportation. So for freediving with fins or no-fins breaststroke it is preferable to have a 10 mm or 11 mm rope. 10 mm is lighter and easier to carry around.

Stock Status: Discontinued Stock. Once sold out, that's it! Sadly, there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on discontinued/clearance stock.

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