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Sharp Cut Line Cutter with Sheath

TSDDX 904010 (08/22)
The Scuba Doctor


A handy addition for all divers, the Sharp Cut Ceramic Line Cutter is a rust-proof line cutter featuring dual ceramic blades perfected for cutting line. The sharp and corrosion resistant blades are protected by guards, meaning you cannot cut yourself underwater, as well as adding additional protection to the blades. The guards also help pull the line towards the sharp blades, making cutting extremely fast and efficient even in an underwater emergency.

The Sharp Cuts two ceramic cutting blades will never rust and even comes with replacement blades incase of damage, breakage or dulling from use. Designed to stand out, the Sharp Cut Ceramic Line cutter has a striking yellow and orange dual sided color scheme, meaning it is easily located if dropped - even in low visibility environments. It includes a nylon sheath with vertical and horizontal mounting options for harness, BCD or weight belt with 50 mm (2 inch) webbing, plus a hook-and-loop sling.

Simple and compact, this single-blade line cutter is a quick way to free you or a buddy from small line tangles. It cuts pretty much any line that fits into it. It can be used with one hand.

Line cutters are particularly useful in diving situations where you or your buddy get tangled in something like a fishing line. A line cutter will help you cut yourselves free. Fishing lines are nearly invisible underwater, and can easily snag on your tank or other gear. Many are often left behind by fishermen whose lines get tangled or caught on something in the water, and end up posing a risk to divers, especially when diving in enclosed spaces like shipwrecks. Something sharp and easy to reach is extremely useful on dives like these.

Sharp Cut Ceramic Line Cutter Dive Knife Features

  • Lightweight and compact design for easy mounting / configuration.
  • Ultra-sharp ceramic blades provide less effort and smooth cutting.
  • Replacement ceramic blades.
  • High impact resistant Polycarbonate body provides excellent protection to the ceramic blades for long-term use.
  • Two sided ceramic blade design for fast and easy cutting.
  • Included high quality nylon sheath with vertical and horizontal mounting options for harness, BCD or weight belt, up to 50 mm (2.0 in) webbing.
  • Velcro sewn hand strap on cutter handle provides quick and easy lock and release actions underwater for emergency use.

Size: 10.5 x 5 x 1.3 cm (4.1 x 1.9 x 0.5 inch)


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