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Mares Horizon SCR Rebreather

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SCR Horizon, a revolutionary approach to diving. A semi-closed circuit, ideal for all those aiming to experience the underwater world in symbiosis. Its weight, shape and lack of cylinders make it ideal for all your travels. Once worn, you will find yourself perfectly in trim breathing a warm-humid mixture, which will make your dive completely enjoyable.

Mares, in collaboration with rEVO, has developed this revolutionary Rebreather for diving. This design was born based on well-defined guidelines: a device which proves easy for everyone, simple to prepare, very light, totally safe, redundant, with amazing performance and top technology. The lightweight system makes it an ideal travel companion, without any need for cylinders and special weights. The Horizon computer is designed to be easy to use while having infinite data available. Limited bubble production allows underwater world lovers to live like a fish in the underwater world.

Our Thoughts

  • Perfect for Extended Range Diving without needing to get into technical diving
  • Extend your bottom times
  • Unbelievably good for photography - get closer and stay longer
  • No bubbles allows for up close and personal interactions with the marine world
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper to run than conventional rebreathers
  • Learn to dive the Mares Horizon SCR with only a Deep and Enriched Air Certification


Main Features of the Mares SCR Horizon:


• Height: 54 cm
• Width: 40 cm + E9
• Thickness: 22 cm Unit Weight: 12 Kg (without dispensers)
• Total weight no-deco version: 13.4 Kg
• Total weight of the deco version: 14.8 Kg


• Two CO2 filters each containing 1 Kg of fixing material which can be filled by the diver
• Two integrated weight systems each for a maximum use of 2.5 Kg
• Fully adjustable harness from XS to XXL
• Mouthpiece with strap safety
• Two oxygen sensors
• Remaining time of filters calculated by the integrated computer
• Cleaning, use and preparation do not require any specific tools


• Maximum recommended depth using a cylinder as a source of Nitrox, without decompression: 30m
• Maximum depth using two Nitrox cylinders: 40 m
• PPO2 submerged: minimum 0.22 bar, maximum 2.6 bar
• Operating temperature: min 4 ° C, Max 34 ° C
• Approved fixing material: Sofnolime 797
• Duration of the fixing material of filters depends on temperature and O2 metabolic consumption. The duration is calculated by the integrated computer (eg at 15°C or more, with medium/high metabolic consumption, duration> 3h)

• 75 RMV at 40 m, CO2 production of 3 l/m for 5 min


• Three levels of redundancy each powered by different batteries
• All batteries in the system can be charged from a single dock
• Integrated computer with 2.8” high contrast color screen
• Gradient Factor importable by diver
• HUD control system with simple and immediate indications
• CE approved up to 40 m

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