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Cressi T10-SC PVD Master Regulator Set | DIN

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The Cressi T10-SC Master Regulator Set combines a Cressi T10-SC First Stage Regulator with a Cressi Master Second Stage Regulator and a regulator hose. Performance, ergonomic reliability, and ease of maintenance make this Cressi T10-SC Master Regulator Set a product for true diving professionals. Technical divers, instructors, guides, dive operators, and researchers will find the answer they need.

Great for Cold/Temperate Water scuba diving. Considered by some to be the world's best breathing regulator set.

The Cressi T10-SC / Master Ellipse Regulator Set is simply one of the world's top performing technical and recreational diving reg sets. In ANSTI testing this reg set receives excellent scores for ease of breathing at all depths and breathing rates.

Cressi T10-SC First Stage Regulator

The SC designation on this model of the Cressi T10 Master series regulators stands for Sealed Chamber, signifying the environmentally sealed diaphragm first stage is rated for cold water.

The first stage stands out from the range of Cressi balanced diaphragm regulators because the mechanism is arranged on an axis perpendicular to the axis of air entry, creating a "T" shape. The advantages of this particular design include better arrangement of the hoses and less space occupied (especially in SC versions for cold water). What's more, this makes it remarkably easy to inspect and access the mechanism to improve maintenance and calibration operations, it uses a larger, high-efficiency conical filter, and the valves are arranged more easily on the tank.

The metal body is protected on the surface by a special treatment called PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), which compared to traditional chrome coatings is exceptionally resilient to the mechanical and chemical wear caused by dives. The DIN fitting has a generous metallic hand-wheel to make it easier to use in extreme conditions.

Cressi T10-SC First Stage Regulator Features

  • Hyperbalanced diaphragm with watertight chamber on T10-SC
  • 2 x HP 7/16" UNF ports
  • 4 x LP 3/8" UNF ports
  • Operating pressure: 300 bar (4350 psi) DIN Version
    232 bar (3365 psi) International/Yoke version
  • Calibration pressure: 10 bar
  • Body coated with PVD process
  • High-capacity conical filter in chemically nickel-plated spherical bronze
  • Removable nozzle in AISI 316 steel
  • Hyperbalancing system
  • Anti-pressure drop pneumatic spring
  • Stainless steel calibration spring with micropreening treatment
  • Low-friction technopolymer slider shaft
  • Body protection in polyurethane thermoplastic
  • Quantity of air supplied: 4500 l/min
  • Weight, INT/Yoke version: 720 g T10-SC
  • Weight, DIN version: 602 g T10-SC

Cressi Master Second Stage Regulators

The Cressi Master second stage has installed the exceptional and proven Cressi balanced valve to ensure minimum inhalation effort. This valve is paired with a body with metallic parts treated in PVD. What's more, the knob for adjusting inhalation effort is made of a metallic material to guarantee reliability and resistance to blows and scratches.

Cressi Master Second Stage Regulator Technical Features

  • Pneumatically balanced
  • Adjustable Venturi
  • Adjustable inhalation effort
  • Patented elliptical diaphragm
  • Patented low-friction lever
  • Air delivery system without injector
  • Adjuster knob coated with PVD process with dual OR
  • Laser-etched titanium front piece
  • Internal heat exchanger
  • Cap opening with Cam-lock
  • Noise-absorbing technopolymer body
  • Removable technopolymer deflector
  • Removable mechanics
  • Weight without hose: 207 g

Combination Set Details

Combination Performance
- Average Cracking effort 3.5 mbar
- Average breathing effort 0.6 J/l

Jacketed Hose
extremely light and flexible
weight: 153 gr

EN250/2014 for cold water

Total Weight
MASTER T10-SC INT/Yoke hose included: 927 gr
MASTER T10-SC DIN hose included: 809 gr

Other Features

For a complete regulator package with Octopus, we recommend adding the Cressi Octopus MG Balanced Second Stage Regulator.

What about a Yoke 1st Stage?
We prefer to provide only DIN valve connection regulators as this setup is much safer and lighter. If you want a Yoke valve connection, just purchase a DIN to Yoke Converter so that you can easily switch between DIN and Yoke.

Please download/read the Cressi Regulator Directions For Use Manual - Read First (PDF, 15 pages, 600 Kb) and the Cressi Regulator Complete Directions For Use Manual (PDF, 62 pages, 11.7 Mb)

We try to keep the DIN version of this regulator set in stock. The Yoke version is a Special Order item from Cressi in Italy. There will be an approximate 14 to 21 day turn around for the Yoke version.

What We Think...

  • This is the best breathing regulator available on the market today. Nothing beats it for ease of breathing.
  • We like regs with an environmentally sealed chamber in the first stage, and this has it.
  • We love that this reg is rated for cold-water use. You can dive with it anywhere.
  • Many tech divers should be using this reg, however because of Cressi's history and focus on recreational diving, they won't promote the reg to the technical market. We think they should because it performs better than the popular tech options, plus it is great value for money.

Cressi International Warranty:
In accordance with Directive 1999/44 EC, Cressi guarantees its products against inherent and operating defects. To offer better service to its customers and consumers, and to affirm the efficiency and quality of its manufacturing processes, it has decided to extend the terms of the guarantee on Regulators purchased in Australia as follows:
Two (2) years from the date of purchase.
12 months for operating defects and 24 months for inherent defects.
Exceptions: Consumable parts, damage due to negligence, blows, or normal wear and tear.


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