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Ocean Pro Abalone Iron

Ocean Pro


The Ocean Pro Abalone Tool is a super-strong, specialist abalone tool with a hard sheath. The AB Tool blade is perfect for easily getting your abalone off the rocks. The sheer size of the blade provides plenty of cranking leverage to make even the biggest of abs come away effortlessly.

Cutting Edges

The Ocean Pro Abalone Tool features a rope cutter and axe edges. The Ocean Pro Abalone Tool meets the requirements for recreational divers and the Commercial Abalone Industry professional abalone divers in Victoria.

Abalone only to be taken using abalone tool or catch bag.
The licence holder must not use any equipment other than an abalone tool or catch bag to take abalone.
"Abalone Tool" means a blunt lever with rounded ends and does not include a screwdriver or a knife.

Ocean Pro Abalone Tool with Rope Cutter and Axe Edges Features

  • Blunt square tip with one rope cutter edge and one axe edge
  • Non slip handle with guard protection
  • Full 420 grade steel design through handle for extra leverage strength
  • Tie off point for optional lanyard
  • Hard sheath withlock catch
  • 2x Heavy Duty rubber straps

Maintenance instructions

  • Wash in fresh water immediately after each use
  • Dry the knife after washing/rinsing
  • Using a light layer of oil/grease will protect the blade and ensure longevity
  • The butt of the knife can be removed to allow cleaning for the enire blade if nescessary. 

Victorian Abalone Tool Laws

  • You must carry a measuring device.
  • You must use a blunt instrument when taking abalone.
  • You must not use knives, screwdrivers or sharp items that could cut the abalone.
  • You must not shuck abalone, or be in possession of shucked abalone, or land shucked abalone, in, under or on Victorian waters (you may only shuck abalone upon the place of consumption).
  • You can take abalone only between sunrise and sunset.

Note: Please visit the VFA web site for the details of the Abalone Catch Limits and Catch Days for Victoria. Please see also our tips on How to Catch Abalone.

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