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OMS Single Tank Adaptor - Stainless Steel Plate with Cam Bands


  • Model: OMA16918001 | BCA-290K
  • Brand: OMS
  • EAN: 4251088251310

Product Description

The OMS Stainless Steel Single Cylinder/Tank Adaptor plate with Cam Bands allows divers to use a single cylinder with any of the OMS backplate / harness systems, but with added stability.

For divers who frequently switch their harness, backplate and wing between double tank and single tank rigs, or between backmount and sidemount configurations, the OMS Stainless Steel Single Cylinder Adaptor is a convenient way to attach cam straps to a backplate without having to thread the cam straps through the backplate slots and reweave the cam buckles.

Constructed of marine grade passivated 304 stainless steel and including all stainless hardware consisting of a pair of attachment bolts on { 27.9 cm | 11 in } centres, washers, and wing nuts.

This OMS Single Cylinder Adaptor includes all hardware including two Nylon Cam Bands with Stainless Steel Cam Buckles. These Tank band straps are 90 cm (36 in) in length to accommodate 184 mm (7.25 in) or 203 mm (8 in) cylinders and include a marine-grade, stainless steel cam buckle that is strong and low weight.

Total weight 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)

(11/15 LRB)

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