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OMS Jon Line with Carabiner - DISCONTINUED

$50.00  $34.50
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  • Model: A196-K
  • Brand: OMS

Product Description

Despite ripping currents and crowded ascent lines, you can hang on the ascent line at a desired depth with OMS Jon Line with Carabiner. The jon line allows multiple divers to stay at the same depth on one line, and keeps you from being pulled up and down by a pitching and rolling boat in rough seas. The OMS jon line allows you to maintain a specific depth for decompression or safety stops while maintaining contact with the line. It easily clips into an anchor line or down line, just as easily unlocks from the line making depth changes effortless.

This 3 metre (10 foot) OMS Jon Line is constructed from special high tensile, abrasion resistant "tubular" nylon webbing and will keep you away from the "crowd" at deco stops.

A stainless steel carabiner is added on one end for "clip on" to your harness, allowing hands free operation. The Garvin Deco Hook can be added to the loop end.

Colour: Black

Discontinued: Only three left

(01/15 LRB)

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