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OMS Stainless Steel Spring Heel for SlipStream Fins (Pair)

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  • Model: OMS-1291800*
  • Brand: OMS
  • UPC: 4251088251129

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Product Description

This pair of OMS FS Series Spring Heel Fin Straps is designed to fit OMS Slipstream Fins and most fins with a standard "Wire" point of attachment.

These unique Stainless Steel PMS Spring Fin Straps are guaranteed to make putting-on and taking-off of your fins easier. These fin straps include a rubber Achilles rubber pad which provides a cushion between the spring and the diver's heel. It also provides a large grip to aid in pulling the fin straps on and off. The OMS Spring Heel Straps Straps will fit 'old school' fins with wire point rubber attachment knobs moulded into the fins.

One size does not fit all. Did you know that One Size fits all Spring Heel Straps may cause excessive coil expansion when used on a larger boot? This excessive coil expansion can facilitate line entanglement in between the expanded coils!

OMS Spring Heel Fin Straps come in sizes L, XL and XXL to insure proper fit and help eliminate excessive coil expansion and entanglements. The springs expand and contract to automatically adjust and compensate for expansion and compression of the divers dry suit or wet suit boots. The 11.5 cm (4.5 inch) Achilles rubber pad provides unprecedented comfort in the heel area and aids in donning and doffing of the fin.

There are certain bits of kit that you take for granted. You only realise how good they are when you are forced to use an alternative — spring fin straps definitely fall into this category. In the main, fin manufacturers make lousy straps. They appear to put a lot of effort into the design of the buckle system, but to my mind they tend to over-complicate matters. Why not simply have a coiled spring that is encased in rubber and fitted with a grip and that's all. The fins can then be put on and taken off in seconds. The OMS FS-1 Series Spring Heel Fin Straps achieve all these aims.


  • OMS Spring Heel Strap Set for Monoprene Fins:
  • Put-On and Take-Off your Fins with Ease
  • No-More Adjusting with a Rubber Strap!
  • Easy to Install
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Straps
  • Achilles Rubber Pad:
    • Increased Comfort
    • Provides Cushion-Between-the-Spring-and-Divers Heel
    • Aid in Pulling Fin Straps On-and-Off
  • Depth Compensating: Compress-to-Changes in Thickness of Boots
  • Designed for Old School Fins with Wire Point Rubber Attachment Knob
  • Includes Installation Guide
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

M - 23 cm
L - 25 cm
XL - 27 cm

OMS Fin Strap FS-1 Installation Manual, 2 pages, 218 Kb, Adobe PDF

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