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Dive Perfect Stubby LED-1000 Dive Light - 1000LM

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Took my Dive Perfect Stubby for its first night dive last night, was very happy with the performance and my buddy was so impressed he’s ordering one for himself. Previous torch was a UK C4 eled which I’ve been very happy with, but is no comparison to the new Stubby, I reckon about double the range.
I wasn’t sure about the Goodman soft hand mount to begin with, it felt a little awkward on land and worried about interfering with my Perdix, but once in the water it just became part of me and didn’t notice any clashes or restrictions. Great combo for prawning, the brighter light had the prawns galloping toward me from the distance.

All up very happy after the first dive, look forward to seeing how it holds up over the longer term, but it appears to be rock solid.
Date Added: 14/02/2018 by Chris M.

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