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Tusa Sport Splendive Mask with Corrective Lenses -+B

$202.00  $182.00
Save: $20.00 (10%)

Advancing years mean that my arms are no longer long enough to focus on the LCD screen of my camera - particularly with low light conditions underwater - so I needed something a little more Mr Magoo than the 2-dioptre lenses in my old mask.
I bought my Tusa mask from The Scuba Doctor 18 months ago, because it was by far the best value I could find online, and my photography has improved dramatically. A lot of my shots are in focus now : -)
It is also the most comfortable mask I have ever used. This was confirmed when I had to use one of my old masks for a few days. I am a woman with a 'normal' size female face.
I love this mask so much that I'm here on the Scuba Doctor website to order a second, with lower power lenses for when I'm diving with my contact lenses.
Date Added: 14/12/2016 by Caroline Mason

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