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Full Manufacturer's Warranty

We are an authorised dealer for ALL of the products we sell, and ALL products ordered come with a full manufacturer's warranty.

Like your car, scuba gear is backed by manufacturer's warranties. If you buy from an authorised dealer (like The Scuba Doctor), you will be notified in the event of a safety recall. The warranty is much more important with scuba gear, since you don't suck air from your steering wheel while 20 metres underwater. Every year there are several scuba products that require recall. That is why you should purchase your gear from an authorised dealer.

Remember, scuba gear is life support equipment — your life.

You have nothing to worry about if you purchase from The Scuba Doctor.

Authorised Dealer Lookup

If you are thinking about purchasing your dive gear elsewhere, be warned that you should not take the word of the dive provider as to whether or not they are authorised dealers. If they are not, your product will NOT come with a valid manufacturer's warranty. The best strategy is to look it up on the manufacturer's website, or contact the manufacturer directly and ask them.

Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs

Keep your dive gear in top shape with our authorised repair facility, Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs.

They can service almost any brand of scuba diving equipment.

All repairs are handled on a timely basis, with turn-around time usually under 2 weeks from date of receipt. We stock a complete line of replacement parts for quick returns. Please allow additional time for return shipping if necessary.

Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for certain products that need to be returned to the manufacturer for servicing. Such as buoyancy compensators (repairs to mechanical parts can be serviced in-house), cameras, computers (user changeable battery replacement can be done in-house), equipment bags, gauges, wetsuits and special order parts.

Please stop by or send all repairs to our facility located in Rye in southern Victoria. Make sure to fill out our Service/Repair Form before you drop off or send in your repair.

Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs
3/106 Melbourne Rd
RYE VIC 3941