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Back From Dive Trip Specials

Back From Dive Trip Specials


For a lot of divers the start of September normally means that winter dive trips to warmer locations have been and gone with just the photos and videos left to process... oh, and the pile of dive kit you need to go through, clean and maintain ready for next time!

We've pulled together some post dive holiday tips and products to keep your dive kit in tip top condition.

Maybe you haven't been fortunate enough to be able to get away for a winter diving trip. Well now that spring is here it's time to start thinking about getting your dive gear ready for the upcoming summer diving season. It's a great time to get your regulators and BCD serviced. Now is also a good time to make sure your scuba cylinder gets its annual inspection.

Our repair team at Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs is experienced and professional. Please call Peter Fear in the Service Centre on 03 5985 5440, or send an email to him at scubadoc@scubadoctor.com.au. Keeping your dive gear serviced and cylinders in test means it will always be ready to take you on your next diving adventure.

Best regards, The Scuba Doctor team.

General dive kit should be soaked in warm fresh water to help dissolve the salt crystals that inevitably form after diving in saltwater. If not properly cleaned off the salt can seriously corrode and damage your equipment. Adding dish washing liquid is not recommended as it's a degreaser and will breakdown the silicone lubricants used on O-rings and other moving parts. Just fresh, clean, warm water will do the job fine. Though there are some products that can help get the job done better, like the Trident BCD Washout Hose. It's the most effective way to ensure your BCD bladder and inflator are properly cleaned.
 McNett BC Life Cleaner and Conditioner for BCDs

McNett BC Life
BCD Cleaner
and Conditioner

Protect Your BCD!


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 McNett Sea Buff Dive Mask and Slate Cleaner

McNett Sea Buff
Dive Mask and
Slate Cleaner

Get Your Mask Clean!


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 Trident BCD Washout Hose

BCD Washout

Fully Clean Your BCD!


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Regulators should only be cleaned while attached to a dive cylinder and pressurised. Then no water can get past the second stage and into the first stage. The cap on your first stage regulator is called a 'dust cap' not a 'waterproof cap'. Getting water into your first stage is bad, real bad, so do everything you can to prevent it from happening.

Please remember to pull back any hose protectors to clear out the grit and salt from under them. It's a convenient place for it to collect and quietly eat and wear away at the hose and connectors without being seen. We'd recommend you remove the hose protectors altogether. They don't protect hoses, they stop you from easily inspecting where hoses are most likely to fail.

If you have a DIN to Yoke (A-clamp) adaptor fitted to your first stage, be sure to remove it before storage, especially if it's a lightweight one like the Scubapro ultralight adaptor as the different metals can react and fuse together if left for a long period.


Neoprene needs a little more loving care to ensure it retains its elasticity and doesn't develop an unpleasant odour. Just add a suit cleaner or shampoo to a bath or warm water, let your wetsuit, boots, gloves, hood, skin suits or rash guards soak for a while then agitate slight before hanging up to dry out of direct sunlight.

 McNett Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo

McNett Wetsuit
and Drysuit

Cleans & Conditions!


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 McNett MiraZyme Odour Eliminator

McNett MiraZyme
Odour Eliminator

Removes Odours!


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 Adrenalin Wetsuit and Gear Wash Concentrate

Adrenalin Wetsuit
and Gear Wash

Protect You Dive Gear!


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Making sure your dive kit is properly dried and aired before putting it away is as important as washing it in the first place. If it goes away damp there is a good chance that mildew and mould will develop.

There is a wide choice of multi hangers which are great for your BCD, regulators and accessories. A drysuit or wetsuit needs a wide hanger to prevent the neoprene becoming creased, or drysuit zips and seals being stretched and damaged.

 Underwater Kinetics Super Hanger Package

Underwater Kinetics
Super Hanger Package
- 3 Great Hangers

Hang All Of Your Gear!


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 Waterproof Drysuit and Wetsuit Hanger

Drysuit and Wetsuit

Avoid Creases & Strain!


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 Underwater Kinetics HangAir Drying System

Underwater Kinetics
HangAir Drysuit &
Wetsuit Drying System

Power Dry Your Dive Suits!


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Get your dive kit ready for storage by doing a bit of light lubricating of zips and threads. Dive bag and reg bag zips are prone to sticking, drysuit zips and latex seals need to be cleaned and conditioned, and regulator threads need to be greased.

 McNett Silicone Spray

Silicone Spray
Lubricant & Protection

Quality Silicone Spray!
Great for lubricating bag zips. A light spray and work the zips to coat the teeth and sliders.


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 McNett Zip Tech Zipper Lubricant

Zip Tech
Zipper Lubricant

For Watertight Zips!
Regardless of whether you have a traditional brass zip or a new composite zip they need to be looked after.


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 IST Sports Silicone Grease 60g Tub

IST Sports
Silicone Grease
60g Tub

For Regulator Threads!
A light coating applied to regulator threads will keep them smooth and corrosion free.


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With everything cleaned and safely stored away there isn't much left to do. It's a good idea to periodically test your dive computer batteries. Even though modern dive computers all have battery indicators and low power alerts, it's amazing how they can go from fine one day to low the next. Even the act of immersion in cold water can be enough to trigger the alert.

What now? Start planning your next dive trip of course!

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