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Fourth Element Authorised Dealer


The Scuba Doctor dive shop is now proud to be a Fourth Element Authorised Dealer. UK based Fourth Element is a dive gear manufacturer whose focus is on producing high quality dive clothing, including wetsuits, drysuits, undersuits, dive hoods, dive gloves and socks.

The Fourth Element Technical range is designed around the principles of performance, innovation and function. Using the latest fabric technology in unique combinations and stylish designs, the Fourth Element Technical range revolutionises thermal protection for both Wetsuit and Drysuit diving.

Below you'll find our selections from the comprehensive Fourth Element range, which will keep you warm and comfortable while winter diving in Australia's southern waters.

Best regards, The Scuba Doctor team.


Fourth Element Arctic Expedition Undersuits

The Fourth Element Arctic Expedition undergarment range provides outstanding performance under membrane and neoprene drysuits. It features targeted enhanced insulation in key exposure areas by way of extra layers of high-density fleece and waterproof, windproof panels.

The range includes a One Piece Suit, Tops and Leggings, all in both Men's and Women's sizes. If you buy a one piece suit, or a top and leggings together, you'll receive a FREE lightweight Dry-Sac.

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Fourth Element Xerotherm

The Fourth Element Xerotherm range is the ultimate base layer for use under a drysuit. Made using Polartec® Powerstretch® which was originally developed for NASA, the Xerotherm traps a layer of air — a much better insulator than water — next to the skin, keeping you drier and more comfortable.

The unisex range is designed to be worn under another drysuit undergarment, or on its own under a neoprene drysuit. The Long Sleeve Top, Vest, Leggings, Socks, Wrist Warmers and Beanie Hat all provide astonishing warmth without contributing to bulk or buoyancy.

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Fourth Element J2 Baselayer

The Fourth Element J2 Baselayer drysuit undergarment range was developed for the US Deep Caving Team's 2013 expedition to explore Cheve Cave System in Mexico. With excellent anti-microbial performance thanks to the use of silver ion technology, and outstanding wicking from a unique fabric, it is designed for extended use under a drysuit.

The range includes Long Sleeve Tops and Leggings in both Men's and Women's sizes. Purchase the J2 Baselayer Top and Leggings as a set and you'll receive a FREE Expedition Series lightweight Dry-Sac.

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Fourth Element Thermocline

The Fourth Element Thermocline range is the original and ultimate neutrally buoyant warm water wetsuit system. Quick drying, machine washable, breathable, lightweight and hypoallergenic, Thermocline combines high technology fabrics and design to give a perfect dive system for warmer tropical waters, or beneath a neoprene wetsuit to add extra thermal protection for cooler winter dives.

There are Men's and Women's sizes in the One Piece Full Suit, Short Sleeve Tops, Long Sleeve Tops, Vests, Hooded Vests, Leggings and Shorts, which can be mixed and matched to perfectly suit your needs. Plus there's a Hood and Socks.

Here in Australia divers are more familiar with the similar Sharkskin and Lavacore products, but Thermocline is the original solution that dominates the market throughout Europe.

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Fourth Element Arctic Expedition Duffel Bags

Stand out from the crowd (and on the luggage conveyor belt!) with Fourth Element's new Expedition Duffel Bags.

Developed to overcome the problem of finding black dive kit within a black bag, these bags are colourful and tough. Made from enduring, heavy duty, mesh PVC with a double lined base for increased durability. All you need to do is choose your preferred size!

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Free delivery throughout Australia for all orders worth A$1000 or more.

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