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Ways To Make Your Travel Dive Kit Even Lighter


Need help shifting a few extra pounds?

You might think you've done all of the weight loss you can with dive equipment for travel, but we think you can save a few more grams.

No doubt you will have covered the big bits of dive kit like your BCD, Regulators and the Dive Bag everything goes in, but don't forget about all the smaller items and accessories that you take with you. You'd be amazed at how quickly the weight savings add up.

Best regards, The Scuba Doctor team.


Travelling to dive somewhere warm? Swapping your hood, gloves and even boots for something thinner or lighter can make quite a difference. If you are using lightweight travel fins you might even be able to use fin socks rather than boots.

 Probe 0.5mm Insulator Gloves

Probe 0.5mm
Insulator Gloves

Warm Water Gloves!


RRP $30.00
Save $5.00 (17%)

Buy Now
 Tusa Imprex 3mm Dive Slipper DB-0201

Tusa Imprex
3mm Low Cut
Dive Slipper

Lightweight Dive Boot!


RRP $50.00
Save $5.00 (10%)

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 Waterproof H30 2mm Dive Hood

H30 2mm
Dive Hood

Tropical Hood!


RRP $33.00
Save $4.00 (12%)

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Do you need that huge knife strapped to your leg? How about a compact and lightweight knife fitted to your BCD or hose instead. It will do the same job but saves a few grams.

 IST Proline Tech Diving DIR Knife

IST Proline
Tech DIR
Diving Knife

Value for Money!


RRP $36.00
Save $7.00 (19%)

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 Tusa FK-11 Blunt Tip Diving Mini Knife

Tusa FK-11
Blunt Tip
Diving Mini-Knife

304 Stainless Steel!


RRP $54.00
Save $8.00 (15%)

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 Tusa FK-14 Point Tip Titanium Diving Mini-Knife

Tusa FK-14
Diving Mini-Knife

Corrosion Proof!


RRP $100.00
Save $10.00 (10%)

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If your regulators don't have braided hoses fitted as standard then replacing your rubber hoses with stronger, lightweight Miflex hoses can make a surprising difference. Not only do they save weight, but they provide better protection against UV damage, and are more flexible. Miflex Hoses come in a wide range of colours and lengths.

 Miflex LP Regulator Hoses

Low Pressure
Regulator Hoses

Ten Colours!

from $33.00

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 Miflex LP BCD/Inflator Hoses

Low Pressure
Inflator Hoses

Super Flexible!

from $47.00

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 Miflex High Pressure Gauge Hoses

High Pressure
Gauge Hoses

Heavy Duty!

from $52.00

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If you haven't thought about switching to a lighter BCD, Regulators or Dive Travel Bag, then please think again. This is where you can save the most weight for travelling. Here are our recommendations.

 Cressi Ultralight Travel BCD

Ultralight Travel

Scubalab Best Buy!


RRP $748.00
Save $149.00 (20%)

Buy Now
 Cressi Moby Light Bag with Wheels - 85 lt

Moby Light
Travel Bag

With Wheels!


RRP $281.00
Save $42.00 (15%)

Buy Now
 Cressi XS Compact MC5 Regulator Set

XS Compact MC5
Regulator Set

DIN is Lighter!


RRP $409.00
Save $60.00 (15%)

Buy Now

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