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Scuba Doctor Weather Station

Postby lloyd_borrett » Mon, 19 Mar 2018 11:27 pm

Yesterday we installed a weather station at The Scuba Doctor dive shop. It's installed on a pole near the dive flag. The data is transmitted to the indoor display which we hope to have easily accessible for you in the dive shop.

Now it just so happens we also have a Raspberry Pi Model 2 micro computer lying around. It's supposed to be possible to have the Raspberry Pi read the data from the weather station's receiver and post it to some of the weather sites. See…/installing-a-usb-weather-station-on…/ for an old example of this being done. Is there someone out there who would like to setup the Raspberry Pi to do this for us?

With the weather data being collected by the Raspberry Pi, it might even be possible to get the data onto our web server, and then display it on our web site. Phase two?

The weather station unit is about five years old, but never used before. The receiver model number is WS-3081. The EasyWeatherPlus software that came with it for a PC seems to be some generic software that is used on a very wide range of similar weather stations. This would seem to suggest that the interface to read the data might also be pretty generic.

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