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Dive Shop Wash Down Hoses

Postby diveshop » Sat, 31 Mar 2018 12:34 pm

Sometimes we just despair at how inconsiderate some people are.

We have two taps with hoses provided in the boat drive through area at The Scuba Doctor dive shop. Boat owners can wash down their boats while they get air fills. Other divers can wash down their gear, or the sand from their boots before entering the dive shop.

Right now, only one of those hoses has a multi-function hand spray on it. That's because people keep nicking them and we've decided to stop replacing them. When the next one is nicked, you'll only have the use of the plain hose ends. Don't blame us, blame the inconsiderate so-and-so's that keep nicking them. If want to guarantee having the use of a multi-function hand spray on the end of the hose, bring your own.

And here's another tip. You turn a hose on when you start. You turn a hose off when you're done. You don't leave the hose turned on so that the whole area is flooded. You wouldn't do that at home, so why do it here?

We read about, and are told by visiting divers, how there are places in the UK and Europe where you can pull up 24-hours a day and do your own air fills. Some setups use shipping containers located in the car parks of popular dive sites. Given that divers here can't even use a water hose properly, or close toilet and restroom doors behind them, there is no chance we'll ever see a 24x7 air fill service here anytime soon. You can imagine how many people would try to do a 300 bar fill into their 207 bar aluminium cylinder.

By the way, we found a dive computer near one of the taps. If you've lost a dive computer and can name the brand, model, and colour, it's probably yours.

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