Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware

This is the only forum where advertising is allowed. Promotion of other dive shops and dive businesses is not permitted. Moderated forum.
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Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware

Postby scubadoc » Tue, 16 May 2006 10:18 am

Important Announcement

This is a moderated forum, and we reserve the right to remove any post we believe to be suspicious, illegal and/or off topic. Even so, we can't possibly vet everything. Thus we take no responsibility for any transactions that occur via this forum.

This forum is a unique portion of The Scuba Doctor forums and is the only area which allows commercial posts. Because this forum is open for classified and self-promotion messages several rules exist in addition to the regular Terms Of Service. Please review these rules prior to posting messages as you will be held to them and may have account privileges revoked for any violations.

This forum is for classified ads related to scuba diving gear (e.g. selling a used BC, looking for a regulator, liquidating excess inventory etc…). This forum is open to posting for ALL registered members in good standing.

Users are limited to 2 new threads per week maximum. This means that if you have 20 items to sell you can either post them all in one or two threads at once or post them individually over the course of 10 weeks. In the event that any user posts more than 2 new threads in a week to this forum, all of their threads may be combined or removed at the discretion of a moderator. You are warned!

If you are selling your item on other forums or auction sites, you may not present a post with only a link to those.

While you are not required to sell any item you post for sale, other users are free to leave positive or negative feedback regarding the transaction as a means of informing other users as to their opinion of transactions. We will try to remove inflammatory, fake or false statements that are reported but negative comments regarding a seller's decision not to sell an item for their asking price will not be retracted.

Any attempt to use this forum for fraudulent or abusive purposes will be met with strict consequences. Users who knowingly defraud others will have their account permanently banned and authorities may be notified depending on the situation. The Scuba Doctor does not have any knowledge as to the accuracy of any posting or transaction, use common sense before sending payment. Always be sure to protect yourself before sending an item or money by using escrow or refundable payment processes.

While you may reply to your post to change the price, replying to your own post just to "bump" the thread to the top of the list is strictly prohibited.

If you have questions about posting in this forum ask us prior to making your post!

Please note that The Scuba Doctor is a licensed second-hand dealer. So if you don't want to sell diving equipment yourself, you might like to approach us and see if we're interested in selling it for you.

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