Diving RIP BANK on Sat 07th July @12:30pm - OzDive Charters!

If you're planing a dive and would like some additional dive buddies, then let everyone know here. Likewise, if you're looking for someone to go diving with, check these topics, or ask away.
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Diving RIP BANK on Sat 07th July @12:30pm - OzDive Charters!

Postby Sabre » Fri, 06 Jul 2007 4:00 pm


I'm diving Rip Bank with OzDive Charters tomorrow Saturday 07th July @12:30pm. 8)
Anyone else on here doing that dive? Tony, Neil?
Anyone else want to come, I need a good buddy/ ies.

Looks like the weather should be OK with quite mild winds.
We dived Portsea 'Point Franklin' last night and the Viz on both the ebb & flood was excellent! Water a bit cool at between 12 & 13 C!!

I now have a DIN set up and new reg thanks to the Doc... excellent!! :D

see you in the water.


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