BSAC diving on Saturday 25th August

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BSAC diving on Saturday 25th August

Postby Sabre » Tue, 28 Aug 2007 2:04 pm

Just a quick thanks to Matt (boat driver and scallop cleaning expert) & The Scuba Dr (loaner of boat etc) for a great SCALLOP dive last Saturday.
Thanks also to Neil & Virginia for buddy duties!
Nice weather & conditions and plenty of nice scallops! 8)
Enjoyed the dive greatly.
The other marine life on the dive was surprising & quite interesting! Some small octopus, spider crabs, smaller crabs with long thin arms, interesting molluscs, small rays, some small bottom dwelling fish but not a lot of fish in general, although my head was down looking for scallops!

Look forward to the next one!
Another good reason to join the BSAC!

Thanks & Regards,

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