Diving on Saturday 15th September?

If you're planing a dive and would like some additional dive buddies, then let everyone know here. Likewise, if you're looking for someone to go diving with, check these topics, or ask away.
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Diving on Saturday 15th September?

Postby Sabre » Mon, 10 Sep 2007 6:55 pm

Anybody up for a dive on Saturday 15th September?
I can do anything down to 40m and happy to do nitrox!
Prefer Walls & Reefs!

OzDive has 'The Plateau' at 11am & Castle Rock at 1pm.
Not sure if 'The Plateau' is a wall or reef dive?

Dive Vic have of interest...
15/09 Sat New Deep Bommie
Depth: 30m+ P @ 07:30am EBB Yes Deep (39m)

15/09 Sat Sanctum Reef
Depth: 24m+ P @ 10:15am SWE Yes AOW (30m)

15/09 Sat Corsair Rock
Depth: 4m+ P @ 10:15am SWE Yes AOW (30m


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