Lost Reef - 6th October

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Lost Reef - 6th October

Postby Sealinator » Tue, 18 Sep 2007 10:42 am

hi all, there is a reef, outside the heads (close to the deeper subs), that starts in 30m and ends at about 41m. Apparently awesome, swimthroughs, sponges crays, bommies its got the lot.

Looking for expressions of interest for 4 remaining positions - 3 hr turnaround but standard charter costs (diving 4 at a time). Will prob be the 6th October early in the morning. Seldom dived.........if we can fill the boat, we own it - deco, nitrox, whatever tickles your fancy.

Expressions of interest to our beloved DO (Neil) - sorry buddy, but i am away !

cheers, Andy

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