The Pinnacles, Phillip Island

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The Pinnacles, Phillip Island

Postby lloyd_borrett » Sat, 05 May 2018 1:31 pm


I've just updated the GPS marks and information for The Pinnacles, off Phillip Island.
See ... -Pinnacles

The updated and verified information was supplied by Peter Beaumont from VSAG. Many thanks Peter.

Best regards, Lloyd Borrett.

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Re: The Pinnacles, Phillip Island

Postby packo » Mon, 07 May 2018 12:44 am

Good to see the GPS mark for "The Pinnacles" site off Cape Woolamai on Phillip Island has now been corrected. That's one down and five to go in the suggested corrections list I posted some time back. I hope the others don't take quite so long and that perhaps other forum members might support one or more of these to speed up the correction process.

Readers should note that the given Longitude of 145 20.226'E from Peter Beaumont is (according to my conversation with Peter some months back), for a deep anchoring point some distance west of the 8-9m soundings at the top of the Pinnacles.

First timers who are "sounding for the summit" might try somewhere about 15-20m further east at around 145 20.240'E. This was also around the average longitude of a cluster of four other marks I found for this site.

Update 9/5/2019:-Sorry this is a rather late update sent to me back in October 2018 as a "Private Message" from a forum member (which I didn't even notice until recently!). Member "peter_69_56" checked out the top of the Pinnacles reef at that time and reported: "The middle of the large bommie area is S38 34.349, E 145 20.246 WGS84." That might be a good "first timer" sounding target.

Thanks Peter, and sorry about the delay in getting your contribution out there!

I got into an interesting pickle in March 2018 while trying to resolve the discrepancy between this cluster of GPS marks and the original ScubaDoc mark. This was about 500m further south so I wrote to Australian Hydrographic Services, the section of the navy who produce the AUS charts, for some help on the issue.

I said that this ~40m --> ~9m reef existed off Cape Woolamai, but I had only dived it in years gone by on transits and not via a GPS position. I gave them the two different GPS positions and asked that if they knew of this reef could they please confirm which was the correct set of coordinates.

It was perhaps a poorly worded approach, and resulted in the following "bureaucracy gone mad" situation:-

They responded that they were unaware of "The Pinnacles" reef and that my email would therefore be considered as a formal "report of an uncharted reef dangerous to international shipping".

Under the IMO rules they were bound to act. If I couldn't resolve the uncertainty as to which of the two GPS positions was correct, they had no alternative but to amend the charts to show TWO reported reefs, one at each position!

I certainly didn't want to be responsible for that sort of silliness so I hunted up a few further references and then sort help from Peter Beaumont. His carefully recorded coordinates of various parts of the Pinnacles, which concurred with the other numbers, convinced me (and AusHydro) that the new Latitude of 38 34.363'S was the correct one and that the previous ScubaDoc Lat of 38 34.683'S was probably just an accidental digit swap/misread somewhere along the line.

So it all ended well, and I even got a gratis Western Port Chart - the first to be printed showing the update. (Didn't want to tell em that 95% of the time I'm operating from Port Phillip so would have actually preferred a different freebie chart!)

Sorry to those who might be peeved that I was sort of forced into getting this reef finally on the charts, but it was the right thing to do. Although the chances of a tanker actually getting holed up on the Cape Woolamai Pinnacles might be several billion to one against, the consequences wouldn't be pleasant.


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