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Tell us about your Club!

Postby Clubdiver » Tue, 20 Mar 2018 11:22 pm

Firstly, thanks Lloyd for giving us the opportunity to share our clubs successes and challenges so that we might all learn ways to improve our clubs. I did my open water course in 1985 with the then API Dive club, and have been a financial member since, our club celebrating 40 years in 2016. In that time we have gone through cycles of boom and, well slow periods. We were always as informal as we could be, our members generally very experienced, and most diving and events organised with a phone call or email. Now we primarily use email and Facebook to organise dive events. As the world changed, the Australia Post- Tel Institute (API) preferred we seperate from them, so we became the Getunder Dive Club.

We have a membership hovering around 20, but with quite a few more on our email and fb lists who need to put up their $60 membership fees per year, and get active! We have our own compressor for regional trips, and a deal of other club equipment including O2 kits and beach launching equipment, but we rely on members boats for boat diving. There are about 6 members with boats, all around the 6 metre mark and very capable of finding the good dive spots all along the Victorian coast. All clubs have their own sorts of diving, and Getunder has become known for the strong technical diving activities, mainly with rebreather divers. There are still quite a few non tech divers in the club, enjoying the wrecks, reefs and drifts in recreational depths, and for photographic, collecting and general sightseeing. So a broad ranges of interests are catered for.

Our members are spread out around Melbourne and nearby regions, so we usually conduct diving from Sorrento or Queenscliff. We try to get a couple of regional trips in each year, and the most popular has been our annual Cup weekend at the Prom. We hold mostly meeting at the Maori Chief Hotel in South Melbourne every second Thursday of the month, and usually with excellent guest speakers. It is important to note that Getunder operates independent of shops or charters, and doesn't offer training or dive master services, so all divers are expected to be self sufficient and willing to contribute to the running of events. You can see more on our web page ... to-gallery or Facebook group and this shows a typical day out with us.

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