HMAS Canberra - The Ghost Ship

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HMAS Canberra - The Ghost Ship

Postby lloyd_borrett » Mon, 23 Apr 2007 6:27 pm


In October 2006, just prior to the State election, the then Tourism Minister, John Pandazopoulas, announced that Victoria has won an interstate bid to secure the ex HMAS Canberra warship, as an artificial reef and dive attraction.

The Victorian Government had allocated $500,000 for the project and the Federal Government would contribute $2.8 million in funding toward the costs of sinking.

To quote the minister, "It's full steam ahead for the ex HMAS Canberra, which will arrive at its home next month and be sunk in April 2007."

Well near the end of April 2007, it would seem the Bracks Government is totally out of steam with this important regional tourism project.

The government hasn't signed the deed of gift and taken possession of the warship. The ex HMAS Canberra still lies at anchor at the Stirling Naval Base in Rockingham, Western Australia.

It would seem that the Bracks Government has sunk the project, not the warship.

The Victorian Artificial Reef Society (VARS), the dive community group behind the push to secure, prepare and sink the HMAS Canberra in Victoria, established a web site at to track the progress of the project, plus promote temperate water diving in Victoria.

However, the progress reports indicate nothing but delays and inaction on the part of the Bracks Government.

You have to start wondering if the Bracks Government is ever going to make good on its promise and sink the HMAS Canberra in Victoria?

Indeed, even if the HMAS Canberra project does go ahead, it seems the NSW Government might manage to sink the HMAS Adelaide before the Victorian Government manages to sink the HMAS Canberra. Embarrasment!

Best Regards, Lloyd Borrett.

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Postby neilegend » Thu, 24 May 2007 6:14 pm

i got my latest weekly email from aquatic adventures (i know the enemy!) and there was this in the news section :
Ex-HMAS Canberra

There's not a lot of news to relay on the ex-HMAS Canberra sinking, but what we know is this: it's currently sitting in Western Australia contemplating its' navel, after having its prop removed for spare parts. This means that due to the shape of the hull it will now need two tugs rather than one to get it to Victoria. Then of course a third to get it through the Heads so it can go to Williamstown to be stripped down. The Canadians only have a short window of availability to sink the ship due to other commitments, and believe me we want the Canadians sinking our ship because they're really, really good at it!! They've sunk all the others here (ex-HMAS Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Swan) and every time they do it right. There's actually a doco on National Geographic on Sunday at 4pm about the Canadian ship sinkers, we're not sure if they're the same ones but it might be worth watching anyway.

so dont know if that helps any on keeping some up to date, just thought you might be interested (please dont kill me {flogging yes, kill no :twisted: } for getting it from the enemy!!

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