Ewans Ponds

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Ewans Ponds

Postby Dive in wine tanks » Sat, 23 Sep 2006 9:42 am

Hi all, Just by chance I found myself diving Ewans Ponds on the 17/9/06. Ewans Ponds are located approx 8 km from Port Macdonald in SA, and I have to tell you they are FANTASTIC, crystal clear, spring fed, freshwater that you can see forever in. The first pond is approx 11 meters deep fringed to approx 1.5 meters with lush vegitation changing to an almost baren lunar landscape, at thebottom you can see the crystals of sand being tosed around by the ground fed springs. Ponds 1 & 2 are joined with a stream approx 3 meters wide, 1.5 to 2 meters deep& 50meters in length, full of lush vegitation and aquatic life. Pond 2 is the most shallow dropping to 7 meters with lush plant life down to 4/5 meters. Passing from pond 2 to 3 is much the same as 1 to 2 only it is much longer at 125 meters in length. The first 2 Ponds both had 3 springs feeding up from the bottom & a patch of limestone bolders, but for me Pond 3 was the best the 2 walls & dropoff at the 9 meter deep bottom were great, and the large school of bream (upto 1kg) swam right up to & around me. the pontoons with ladders in ponds 1 & 3 make for easy entry/exit as do the car park next to Pond 1 & the cleared walk way from 3 (beware of snakes in summer). SPECIAL NOTE. THIS AREA IS EXTREAMLY DELICATE & THE BOTTOM IS EASLY STIRRED UP DISTROYING VIS FOR ALL TO FOLLOW, SO PLEASE DO BOYANCY TEST IN LOCAL FRESHWATER POOL BEFORE GOING AND STAY OFF THE BOTTOM . DONT TOUCH JUST LOOK. As you always do :)

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Postby neilegend » Fri, 06 Oct 2006 4:15 pm

it sounds excellent Edwin, i might get to dive there one day too. i know you want to get back there and i dont blame you :D

i want to be under the sea, i breath my air by the tank !.
so far 80+ dives and trying to get more every week or two.
lets face it the bay is the best dive site until, now, brumby buggers it up! NO to dredging! no matter which person leads the State.

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trip plan

Postby Dive in wine tanks » Mon, 16 Oct 2006 9:59 pm

Hi all, decided to pull my digit out and start a plan for trip. This is all open to suggestions, but also revolves around our generous dive buddy to be, Graham (Portland). So hear goes, Depart around March ?? Limit 4 to 5 people

Depart in mornining<first dive Lake Pirron Yallock(floating Islands) 17km West of Colac.
The dive is a nil viz devotee's dream. The land masses that appear on the water as islands are actually floating on the water....they move around the lake , slaves to the wind. It is eairy to venture under the islands...this must be done with extreme care as there is a deid\finite loss of surface (a guidline would not go astray...)

Continue to Mt Gambier Secure accomadation. Travel to Ewans Ponds second dive (night) Ewans Ponds.

Well what you have amongst all of the tall grass is one hell of a dive. Gear up on the bank and jump in from the rickety old platform. The first pond is abnout 10 metres deep and crystal clear. (A great night dive to do is this on a clear night and lay on the bottom and look at the stars). If you must sink to the bottom and you will see why the water is so clear. Perculating through the sand on the bottom is millions and millions of litres of water per second. Anyway swim around the pond and have a good look. Best diving is about 5 metres.

Note the water cress on the sides. If hungry it can be eaten but don't be caught taking it today. (Look but don't touch)

After spending your time in this pond move to the cause way between this and the next pond. This will be the ride of your life as you cruise through from one pond to the next at about 8 knots.(about 5 kilometres per hour). Ditto second pond, and ditto on to the third pond. The first pond is definately the best of the ponds, but each has something to see and look at. Yabbies can be found, but again look and don't touch.

This dive site is very sensitive to human invasion. It is of concern as to how much loonger we might be able to keep diving it so be mindful of this when diving.

After the ponds you can ditch your gear and if you want you can follow
the water way from the last pond to the ocean. Recommend that you leave on some rubber If winter and if not at least a good lyicra or t shirt to protect you from the sun. Snorkel your way to the coast will fill in anything from 45 minutes to two hours depends on how much stopping and looking you do. Note this is not a swim as the current takes you through these shallow waters with the least amount of effort from you. It is suggested you send a car ahead to pick you up, as it is a 90 minute walk back to where you started!

Enjoy this dive as strictly a look and don't touch dive. Seek local knowledge about current permit requirements before leaving home. Abide by all rules and restrictions of the day so that this wonderful dive site might be there for others in years to come.
Next morning Ewans Ponds snorkel creek to beach then snorkel Piccaninnie PondsThis site is a CDAA Sinkhole rated site. You cannot dive it without the correct training and certification.
The site is controlled by Department of Environment, Heritage & Aboriginal Affairs and a permit is required to dive it.
There are STRICT depth restrictions also, because of the numerous deaths that have occured in this hole. There is a sign at 36.5metres (100ft), and no-one is allowed to go deeper. There is a full-time park ranger employed specifically to monitor this, and he is a CDAA certified diver, and has been known to meet divers at their deco stops, to check computers and gauges!

Now that bits out of the way...

Pics is the 8th wonder of the world! A freshwater spring, with unlimited visibility.

It goes down "The Slot" to a ledge at 36.5 metres, from which is "The Dogleg", that goes down to a few other bits, with a maximum depth of around 90 odd metres, which of course can't be gotten to. From the slot, you can proceed back up to "The Cathedral". This is what makes it one of the best, if not the best dive in the world! Sitting in the Cathedral, at 15-20metres, at around 11am on a sunny day, you can see the suns rays shining through the reeds on the surface, it makes for a photographers dream!

There are freshwater eels, Marin, Bream, Ducks, and other freshwater species in here also.

An absolutely magic dive, words can't describe it!

Second day afternoon Boat dive with Graham, NOTE Graham has Generously offered his boat, his shout, a good reason to go for a dive, his words. I have offered a shout in return, Red Red Wine. Dive, Wreck?? conditions permitting. The wreck is the Emily S a 30mtr trawler sunk in 24mtrs in1991 great dive but very exposed has to be a good sea. Plenty of outher good dives around Portland. Accommerdation Portland. Last day, Morning shore dive Portland below water tower 3 historic Wrecks to be found.
Afternoon travel home. Please post any ideas, eg, drop floating islands & do Ewans & Picaninne first day boat all day second ?? what ever ??
Expresed interest so far, Eddie, Neil, Darrel & Matthew how ever Matthew wants to do Ewans Nov/ Dec as the Water Cres is supposed to flower around then ????

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Postby chewy » Tue, 23 Jan 2007 8:51 pm

Hi Dive in Wine Tanks,

I remain quite keen to dive Ewens Ponds - I am trying to gauge interest for Merimbula but since it involves boat dives, it's somewhat more expensive and it doesn't look like there's much interest.

So if nothing happens in Feb, then I am most certainly interested in diving at Ewens in March.


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Ewens Ponds

Postby whale » Wed, 31 Jan 2007 1:24 am


I live in Hamilton a couple of hours from Ewens.

Meet'n greet and bbq stop at my place if you want (I'll supply the bbq and the gas) :lol: .
If you want a free sleep, bring a pillow, an air mattress and a sleeping bag and the lounge floor is all yours. Just be carefull of the rug rats...they bite.

I reakon I can fit 6 or 8 around the place...then there is the 1/4 acre of land out the back of the place if a tent city is needed 8)

I'd love to do the dive with anyone who is heading out this way so feel free to email me and we can organise it.



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Postby chewy » Wed, 31 Jan 2007 3:10 am

Thanks Whale for the offer....hopefully Ewens will happen in March - need to check my schedule with others b/c I have a wedding I've already commited to attend.

Anyhow...this looks like it has a bit more momentum: 3 people identified...YAY.

I suspect diving freshwater would be quite weird: no stinging eyes, or salty lips...

....plus I have hopes of camping a few days at Glenelg (sp?) River - photos suggest it's a really beautiful area and possibly worth a diving ;-)

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