the Ugly

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the Ugly

Postby neilegend » Tue, 10 Oct 2006 12:58 pm

well the Doc said post about good bad and ugly, so here is an ugly for you!!
Tony, Mike and myself did the safety beach marina once - the weather was pretty $h!tty but we decided lets go in anyway!
we entered from the shore and the plan was go out towards the mouth of the inlet that runs over the car underpass and go in to the inlet towards the marina and have a look around, see if anything had started growing in there etc..
well we went in to about 1 - 3 meter viz , quite murky and choppy. we ended up around the other side of the inlet as we missed the wall and the mouth of it (we only found this out by surfacing to see where we were :lol: ) we headed back towards the mouth and went in - the bottom of the inlet is all a clay / mud base and you put your hand down into it and it just kept going down! we saw i think about 6 fish and a small ray in our whole dive. not much there and not much to do, but at least we can say we did it - you never know unless you give it a go!

i want to be under the sea, i breath my air by the tank !.
so far 80+ dives and trying to get more every week or two.
lets face it the bay is the best dive site until, now, brumby buggers it up! NO to dredging! no matter which person leads the State.

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Postby Dive in wine tanks » Sun, 22 Oct 2006 9:20 pm

Hi Neil, guess it will take quiet a while to clear and for our marine friends to decide weather its classy enough for them to move in or not. I think i will leave that one off my list for a while???? but then again it could be interesting to watch it develop with life, Who, what, When & where???? I am thinking of joining Reef Watch, maybe it could make an interesting site. Will have a think and chat to Wendy about that one ????HHMMMMM?????

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