Uepi Island, Solomon Is. Trip - November 2009

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Uepi Island, Solomon Is. Trip - November 2009

Postby scubadoc » Tue, 24 Nov 2009 6:17 pm

Our latest dive trip was to Uepi Island in the Solomon Islands and I think I can safely say that all 12 divers had one of the best dive holidays ever.

Where else can you snorkel with Manta Rays before breakfast, have a wall dive in the morning, then snorkel with a huge school of black tip reef sharks and whalers before lunch and then go for another great dive in the afternoon and swim in a beautiful lagoon - every day?

Snorkelling on the home reef is a delight with a beautiful display of corals, huge schools of fish of all shapes and sizes, anenomes with their families of guardian anenome fish, lion fish and eels. This is a photographers paradise.

We were so lucky to see the Manta Rays at their cleaning station. They are so graceful and a delight to watch as they glide through the water. These ones were all about 3 metres across min. and if you stayed fairly still they would glide past overhead.

The Uepi Is. resort is on the Morovo Lagoon which is a 40 minute flight from Honiara and then a 30 minute boat ride across the lagoon. It is a well established resort catering for a total of approx. 20 divers at any one time. The divers' accommodation is in well designed and maintained bungalows and the food is really good!

Each day we started with a fully cooked breakfast, then off to do the first dive for the day. After returning from the morning dive, divers retire to their bungalows to await their lunch which is delivered to each bungalow. After a nice rest, it is off to do the second dive for the day. Therer is plenty of time to snorkel with the resident school of sharks off the 'Welcome Pier' or go for a swim in the lagoon before 'happy hour' and then dinner. Dinner each night consisted of a smorgasgord spread to suit every taste. Lots of fish, barbecued crab and crayfish, stirfried veges, salads and lots more. No-one went hungry, that's for sure!

I know that a lot of non diving partners of divers never go on the dive holidays as they think there is nothing for them to do. Uepi is the ideal place to relax completely and do as little or as much as you desire. There are walking tracks around the island for the energetic, hobicats for yatching and kayaks for those wanting to go a bit further. The bar is always open, the bookcase in the main area is full of good reading and the easy chairs are very comfortable! What more could you want?

Jill and Grant Kelly who run the resort with their staff of islanders know how to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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