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david kelly
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Postby david kelly » Sat, 09 Dec 2006 12:16 pm

Hi my name is David Kelly. I have been diving for almost as long as Peter, (everone is aware nobody has been diving as long as Peter). I have owned boats for over Twenty years. I am know retired and living at Tootgarook. I met Peter over a year ago and he has enticed me into his group. Now to business.
I have nothing planned for Easter. Is anyone interested in going to Eden? My boat is 5.45 meter long and can take four divers, I have dived the Eden area before, I know where the tugs were scuttled. I also know where the Empire Gladstone is wrecked off Merimbula.

Also I have dive the Port Campbell and Peterborough areas, is anyone interested in diving this area. This is very weather dependent. The best time is late February into March thats when the seas are flat. The problem with planning this sort of trip is you have to watch the weather and be ready to drop everything and go the next day.

All the best for Chrismas and new year David Kelly.

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Dive in wine tanks
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Postby Dive in wine tanks » Mon, 11 Dec 2006 1:59 pm

Hi David, could be interested in one of these trips away, will catch up with you later. Home on Wedesday night, maybe we can work out a couple of dives over christmas. Eddie

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