Warning - Please Read This First!

This forum is for the discussion of anything to do with technical, cave or wreck diving.
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Warning - Please Read This First!

Postby scubadoc » Tue, 16 May 2006 9:53 am

Technical diving is not to be taken lightly. Whether diving in a cave, a wreck, diving deep, or solo diving this type of diving requires great diving skill, discipline, proper gear, physical fitness, and a thorough understanding of decompression procedures and physiology.

Technical divers may find themselves using trimix, nitrox, or rebreathers to help them achieve their goals, and therefore, it is critically important for them to have a thorough understanding of these tools and to acquire proper training in their uses. These activities do not allow much room for error since the result of an error may quite likely be death, or, if you are lucky, a trip to a re-compression chamber. Technical divers must accept these risks and prepare themselves for the possibility of catastrophic failures.

This forum exists for the discussion of diving topics above and beyond those of general open water diving. Some of these topics require more advanced training than others while some merely reflect advanced or speciality skills. Please be certain to talk to an instructor and receive training prior to attempting any advanced or speciality diving activities mentioned in these forums.

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