2007: Merimbula Diver's Lodge

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2007: Merimbula Diver's Lodge

Postby chewy » Mon, 18 Dec 2006 8:26 pm

Posting to determine level of interest in diving at Merimbula for a group booking sometime in 2007 - a group of 6 is perfect: good boat space, and self-contained accom.

Check out their website to see the mix of wrecks and reef diving - the cave is spectacular: http://www.merimbuladiverslodge.com.au/ ... mbula.html

One option is to package a Sea Signs class which is underwater sign language - again see the website.

I went in Oct this year and thoroughly loved diving away from the crowds, and with our own boat (i.e. 6+ people) :D For the record, we did the Henry Bolte, Tasman Hauler, Eden Cave & Merimbula Wharf

Drive from Melbourne is approx 8 hours (car pool) - alternatively there's an airstrip there for those with pilot licenses etc.

Register your interest here and if there's sufficient numbers, we'll book something for next year.

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Postby Hev » Thu, 28 Dec 2006 12:12 pm

Count me in so long as we can make it over a weekend, or at least only 1 (max 2) days off work. I've used all the leave (again) with the trips to Fiji and Bikini.
- Hev

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