Remote Servicing Option

We know it can sometimes be difficult to access high quality and reliable scuba equipment servicing and repair facilities, especially when you're going to be trusting your life to it once it's done. Our Remote Servicing Option (RSO) enables you to access the knowledge and experience of our in-house technicians and our superb scuba equipment servicing facility from all over Melbourne, all around Victoria, and pretty much anywhere in Australia.

We do full servicing and repair of regulators and BCDs, scuba cylinder testing, dive computer battery changes, and oxygen cleaning of dive cylinders, valves and regulators. Plus much, much more.

Simple and Easy RSO Process

Wherever you are around Australia you can access one of the highest quality and most reliable scuba equipment servicing facilities available. The service is fast, efficient, reliable and above also incredibly good value.

  1. Download our RSO Booking Sheet (see below).
  2. Carefully Package, Label and Ship your Equipment to Us.
  3. Let our Technicians complete a full Professional Service.
  4. Accept our Payment Call and Pay via Credit, Debit Card or PayPal.
  5. Get ready to sign for our Return Shipment.
  6. Smile and Go Diving!

It really is that simple and quick. Our scuba technicians are also more than happy to talk to you directly, so if there is anything a little unusual with your servicing they'll be straight on the phone to keep you in the loop.

What Does It Cost?

Well firstly we'll get it out there on the table (so to speak) that we won't be the cheapest. However we will be fully authorised and certified, plus only ever use genuine and manufacturer supplied service components for any servicing that we complete. It sounds strange to mention that we know, but it really is life support equipment so we know you'd only ever want to have it done that way.

Your cost for your scuba equipment service, repair or dive computer battery change will be made up of a labour, testing and consumables element, plus the manufacturer supplied parts that have been specified and supplied. This does mean that the costs can vary a little.

Pack It Right and Ship It

We're all too frequently amazed by the degree of foolishness people demonstrate when sending us expensive dive gear for service and repair. We've seen divers cavalierly toss an $800 computer in a standard mailing envelope, only to act surprised with the computer arrives damaged (or the envelope arrives without the computer in it).

Bear in mind that Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs is responsible for the safety and well being of your dive gear only when it is in our possession. We are not responsible for damage or loss in transit.

To help ensure that your dive gear has the best possible chance of arriving at our doorstep undamaged (and that you are covered against loss if it does not), please follow these steps:

  1. Step One: Do the Paperwork — Download, print out and complete the RSO Booking Sheet. Make a copy for yourself. Pack the original in the same box you use to ship your dive gear to us.
  2. Step Two: Get the Right Container — The corrugated cardboard box you use to ship your dive gear to us should be at least 2.0 inches/5.0 cm larger on every side than your computer or console is.
  3. Step Three: Wrap it Up — Wrap sensitive dive gear like a dive computer or console in a double layer of bubble wrap (or similar material). Bubble wrap is available at most large office supply stores. Use tape to ensure the bubble wrap does not come open. (Note: If small quantities of bubble wrap are not available, you may be able to use a padded mailing envelope to accomplish the same goal.)
  4. Step Four: Pack it Right — Centre your dive gear in its cardboard box, surrounded a generous helping of packing peanuts or similar material (also available at most large office supply stores).
  5. Step Five: Tape it Securely — The flaps on both the top and bottom of your shipping container should be secured with a minimum of three strips of approved package sealing tape.
  6. Step Six: Insure its Safety — Things do get lost or damaged in shipping. Insure your package for its full replacement value.

Wait! Do I Really Need to Do All That?
Of course not. It's your dive gear. If you want to gamble with it, be our guest. Just don't cry when it is lost or damaged beyond repair in shipping. Remember: Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs is only responsible for the safety and well being of your computer while it is in our possession. You are responsible for getting it here in one piece.

Packing Checklist

  • Completed RSO Booking Sheet.
  • Photocopy of original sales receipt, if requesting service under warranty. (Note: Battery replacement is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered under warranty.)
  • Dive gear packaged safely.

Ship It To...

Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs
Corner Melbourne Rd and Peninsula Ave
3/106 Melbourne Rd
RYE VIC 3941

Suunto EON Core at The Scuba Doctor Dive Shop