TDI Courses

Technical Diving International (TDI) is a comprehensive programme of courses to bring the technical applications of scuba diving to you.

Whether your interests lie in nitrox, rebreathers, mixed gas or any of the many other programmes that TDI offers you can be assured that you will be participating in training that offers you the "cutting edge" of diving technology.

TDI has become the largest international specialised technical diving agency.

TDI Courses Available

The instructors recommended by The Scuba Doctor offer the following selection of TDI dive courses:

  • TDI - Nitrox Diver Course
  • TDI - Advanced Nitrox Diver Course
  • TDI - Decompression Procedures Divers Course
  • TDI - Extended Range Diver Course
  • TDI - Advanced Wreck Diver Course
  • TDI - Trimix Diver Course
  • TDI - Advanced Trimix Diver Course
  • TDI - Nitrox Gas Blender
  • TDI - Advanced Gas Blender Course
  • TDI - Oxygen Service Technician
  • TDI - Cavern/Overhead Diver Course
  • TDI - Introductory Cave Diver Course
  • TDI - Cave Diver Course
  • TDI - Sump Diver Course
  • TDI - Semi-closed Rebreather Course
  • TDI - Basic Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver Course
  • TDI - Mixed Gas Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver Course
  • TDI - Instructor Trainer

If you wish to undertake any of the above TDI courses, please Contact Us for more information.

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